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Future Of Electric Cars In India

Carmakers have realised the importance of using alternate fuels to power cars. Lots of R&D is being done in this direction to come up with a technology so advanced that it is efficient and economical both. One of the many solutions that are most likely to influence the future in a big way is the concept of electric cars.

In India the pioneer of popular electric cars has been the Reva Electric Car Company, which is a joint venture between the Maini Group India and AEV California. The company began functioning in 1994 from Bangalore and soon launched the two-seater electric car we all know as Reva i.

Electric cars that can come to India

What Reva started is now being taken forward by the country’s other major carmakers like Tata Motors. The company showcased a Tata Indica Vista Electric model at the Delhi Auto Expo and is right now showcasing the electric version of the Tata Nano at the Geneva Motor Show. General Motors India, in collaboration with Bangalore based Reva Electric Car Company, is also expected to launch Chevrolet E-Spark during the later months of 2010. Rumours of Nissan coming to India with its electric Leaf are also there. Sources claim that even Ford Motors might have two electric cars – Transit Electric van and Focus to offer by 2011, though nothing is final and confirmed about any of these models making to India. Carmaker Renault also showcased its Renault Twizy two-seater concept electric car at the Delhi Auto Expo. However nothing is clear about Renault’s India plans regarding Twizy.

Major road blocks ahead

The biggest challenge for any electric car company in the country is the lack of infrastructure to support their products. So much so that country’s biggest carmakerTata Motors is not too keen on bringing Indica and Nano’s electric versions to the country! Prakash Telang, MD, India Operations, was quoted saying, “Infrastructure is a problem and so is the manner in which electricity is produced in India. It’s more about the source of electricity and unless we are assured that we aren’t removing pollution from the roads, only to add those emitted by electric plants, we can’t move into the local market.”

This is not all, high pricing, servicing problems and travel possible only in a limited range are some other key factors that have been hampering the growth of electric cars. However, once these limitations are addressed the future might just belong to these eco-friendly beauties across the world.

Qatar Classic Cars, a Classic Love

Classic car lovers in Doha the capital of Qatar are willing to face the bumps to go after their passion. Classic, Antique or some may call vintage cars until very recently appeared to be a territory only the rich royalties and the VIPs are allowed to enter. However, this perception has gradually changed, and now the market holds possibilities for even the enthusiasts that are willing to spare a bit over a hundred-thousand Qatari Riyals the equivalent to twenty-thousands US Dollars. This became possible due to the economic boom the area is witnessing, efficient communications with classic car dealers in Houston, along with the superior supply chain management allowed cars in Houston to be transported at low costs.

It now became possible for a knowledgeable enthusiast, with patience, and time at their disposal to buy classic car in Qatar, or an antique car in Dubai, or even a classic car to be shipped from Houston. It became possible to start the process with the equivalent of three thousand US dollars, or in other words for less than the ca was worth in the seventies or eighties.

This however sometimes holds true, and sometimes does not. For instance, Morris Minors was valued in Dubai and Qatar at about QR 15,000 in the eighties. It is very difficult to sell such a car for QR 10,000 in 2007 according to a car dealer. Cars that were easy on the pocket back in their peaking days are unlikely to hold value over the years. Hence, exceptions always pop up, for instance this fact doesn’t hold true with the iconic mini.

I respect, and always reflect my articles with both mine and the apposing; however I do not see a Qatar classic car dealer’s opinion holding true. He said “The classic car market, if it can be called that, will flourish because people have bought [these cars] for nostalgia and recreation — not for financial gain,” says a dealer in classic cars. “Most people, who have bought a classic car in the last ten years, knew their cars would have seen a rise on the value.” To contradict, According to Classic Car magazine, the US has seen a growth in the market for classic cars, particularly American sports cars of the 1960s and 1970s. Cars, such as Chevrolet Corvettes and Camaros, Ford Thunderbirds and Pontiacs, are said to have doubled in value over the past three years.

Save Petrol With New Device Installed to Car Engine

Most people do not know that you can save petrol with a new device installed to a car engine. Not too long ago, there was a news report highlighting the features and benefits of this device. This device that you can installed to you car to save petrol is actually an electrolysis kit. Electrolysis has been used in the industrial factories for metal plating. Can this device really save petrol when attached to a car engine? This article will provide some explanation on the subject.

The idea behind using electrolysis to save petrol is to separate the hydrogen gas from water. We know that water is the product of 2 molecules of hydrogen and 1 atom of oxygen thus the name H2O. Pure water alone cannot be used to power your car other than as a coolant for the radiator. However, the hydrogen gas (H2) in water is highly flammable and is an excellent energy source.

In order to modify your vehicle to run on water, you have to install the electrolysis kit, fill it with distilled water and add a little baking soda. Next, you have to attach it to the car battery to produce electric current. When the electrolysis is running, hydrogen gas bubbles will be created. This is know as an “on demand” system. You only turn on the system when it is needed and switch it off when you car is not moving.

To complete the system, you will have to direct the collected H2 into the car engine air intake system. From there, the H2 will be channeled into the combustion chambers where it will be mixed with petrol vapor. The end result of the mixture is a smoother and more powerful engine output. When you are using the same amount of petrol with a higher torque level, theoretically, you are driving further thus increasing your vehicle mileage.

You will be surprised that the electrolysis device can be home made. The general parts needed can be bought from a hardware store. What you will need is a step by step instruction guide book. With some patience and dedication, you can install the conversion kit to your car engine and start saving fuel.

Panasonic Automotive Systems enhances Chrysler’s Uconnect in-vehicle system

Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America is supplying the system control unit that integrates features and functions of Chrysler’s Uconnect™ system, according to Allen Kudla, Panasonic’s senior vice president for sales and marketing  The Uconnect System is Chrysler’s user-friendly approach to today’s connected, in-vehicle technology.  From music  to travel destinations and vehicle settings, the Uconnect system intuitively delivers the information that drivers and passengers need immediately and allows drivers to stay focused on the road.

Panasonic, in collaboration with Garmin and Chrysler, provides two different Uconnect offerings — the Uconnect Touch 8.4 (a non-navigation version with an 8.4-inch screen) and the Uconnect Touch 8.4N, an 8.4-inch screen that features a Garmin navigation system.  This system was created as the result of a two-year partnership between Panasonic and Garmin to fully integrate Garmin’s capabilities.

“From the beginning of our relationship with Garmin, one of our stated goals was to develop fully featured navigation solutions that set a new standard for ease-of-use and simplicity that would be available at an affordable price point,”  explained Kudla.

Marios Zenios, head of Connectivity and Infotainment for Chrysler Group LLC, added: “Uconnect Touch features world-class functionality and integrates real-time information, multimedia, portable mobile device integration, voice commands and vehicle personalization settings for a safe, efficient and fun trip between destinations. The Uconnect Touch system delivers robust capabilities in a holistic manner that combines new technology with familiar controls, and keeps the driver focused and passengers entertained.”

The Uconnect Touch 8.4N, comes complete with Garmin’s simple and intuitive user interface, a feature familiar to millions of customers through its consumer navigation product lines.  The new Uconnect Touch system harnesses the Garmin capabilities of more than six million points-of-Interest and local searches. It combines that with Sirius Satellite Radio information, including traffic and Sirius Travel Link weather, fuel prices, movie listings and sports.

“The GPS Navigation from Garmin is recognized by drivers everywhere as the dependable, must-have navigation tool,” said Cliff Pemble, Garmin’s president and chief operating officer.  “The new radio features Garmin’s intuitive user interface, and brings the Garmin consumer experience to a factory installed, integrated entertainment system.”

Chrysler Group LLC, formed in 2009 from a global strategic alliance with Fiat Group, produces Chrysler, Jeep®, Dodge, Ram Truck and Mopar® vehicles and products. With the resources, technology and worldwide distribution network required to compete on a global scale, the alliance builds on Chrysler’s culture of innovation — first established by Walter P. Chrysler in 1925 — and Fiat’s complementary technology — from a company whose heritage dates back to 1899.

Garmin International Inc. is a subsidiary of Garmin Ltd. (Nasdaq: GRMN), the global leader in satellite navigation. Since 1989, this group of companies has designed, manufactured, marketed and sold navigation, communication and information devices and applications – most of which are enabled by GPS technology. Garmin’s products serve automotive, mobile, wireless, outdoor recreation, marine, aviation, and OEM applications. Garmin Ltd. is incorporated in Switzerland, and its principal subsidiaries are located in the United States, Taiwan and the United Kingdom. For more information, visit Garmin’s virtual pressroom at or contact the Media Relations department at 913-397-8200.  Garmin is a registered trademark of Garmin Ltd.

Based in Peachtree City, Georgia, and with Detroit-area operations located in Southfield, MI, Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America is a division company of Secaucus, New Jersey-based Panasonic Corporation of North America, the principal North American subsidiary of Panasonic Corporation. (NYSE: PC) of Osaka, Japan, one of the world’s leading developers and producers of innovative digital and other electronic products for consumer, business and industrial use. Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America also acts as the North American operating company of Panasonic¹s Automotive Systems Company, which coordinates global automotive industry systems and components operations.

Make Money With Your Classic Car, Old Truck or Hot Rod

Classic Trucks in the movies and starring in TV Commercials!

Owners of old trucks would never deny permission for somebody to take a picture of their vehicle. Do you want to take a picture of my truck? Go ahead. Next time don’t even ask!

Let’s suppose somebody came up to you and asked for permission to take a picture of your classic truck to publish in a magazine or a website. Would you refuse? Of course not. You’re proud of your truck and you want the whole world to see it.

But there are people who don’t want to have their classic trucks photographed or filmed. They spend a lot of time fixing their trucks, they go to car shows to show off what they have and yet they refuse to have their trucks filmed or photographed. It doesn’t make sense and it’s not very smart either. Maybe they don’t need the money…

Now let’s suppose you had a chance of having your truck filmed for a TV commercial or, better yet, for a movie! How great would that be? Let’s also suppose that some TV producer decided to create a new series based on the 1940’s, 1950’s or 1960’s. Wouldn’t he(she) need a lot of cars from those eras? And if the series became a hit the vehicles would be used again and again.

Yeah. It it possible and it’s not even too hard. You just have to promote your vehicle in the right places. There are companies out there looking for vehicles exactly like yours. Many companies in fact. They look for classic trucks for sale and they buy them. They look for classic cars of all types and they pay rent to the car owners in order to film the cars. There are companies that go after owners of classic cars, old trucks and hot rods in order to list these vehicles in large databases. Advertising agencies put ads in the papers when they need an old car or pickup truck for a TV commercial. Keep your eyes open because your big chance may come from that direction.

If you have a good set of pictures of your little jewel you’re one step closer to fame and fortune. Well, may be not fortune but fame is possible…

A movie production company may need classic trucks just like yours. They might need your truck to spend, say, three days in Hollywood and a week on location in New York. They would make the arrangements to have the vehicle transported to both places and might even be willing to pay for your expenses to go along. You would see how a movie is made and you could even end up meeting a couple of famous movie stars just because you own an antique truck.

The producer of a movie or a TV commercial may be looking for a beautifully restored old car, one that looks like it came out of the showroom a couple of days ago. But directors want their films to look real. Therefore they may need a regular classic vehicle, one that shows it’s been used. And they might even need a real wreck, a rust bucket so to speak. Your chances are real, no matter what condition your truck is in. Don’t be ashamed of it. Go ahead and try.

And how does this thing work? First you have to find an agent, a company that has the contacts and knows where to go with your truck pictures. Get listed on their databases and be patient. You might get a call the following morning but it could also take a couple of years.

Here are a few suggestions of sites you can visit to learn more about this:

Cornwell & Sheridan Motor Cars

If you’re really committed to the idea of having your vehicle on a movie or a TV commercial you may do what actors do. Have a professional photographer take a series of shots of the vehicle and send them to advertising agencies or talent agencies. Or have a nice video produced, send it to talent agencies and upload it to YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo Video and so on. Even wedding planners may be interested in your old truck or classic car. Promote it well and one day you’ll get your big break.

And here’s another very important thing to keep in mind: don’t hide your prized possession in your garage. Take it to shows, go to swap meets and take your chances at show prizes. You may win a simple trophy and you may also get some prize money. But you’ll have to make sure your truck is in show condition before you do that. Nobody will allow you enter your classic car or old truck in a car show if the car or truck is not worth showing. Movies and TV commercials might look for regular old trucks or classic cars, but car shows don’t. Car shows want the cream of the crop, so to speak.

All of this is true all over the world. Movies are made everywhere these days and so are TV commercials. Classic car and old truck shows are common in almost every country and you can take advantage of that to make money with your truck or classic car.

Money? With old trucks and classic cars? Yep. It’s possible mainly because nobody is making trucks like yours anymore.

Classic Car News: Top 10 Police Cars From Around The World

High speed chases, busy streets and out of control criminals are all things the police have to deal with on a  day to day basis, which is why they need power and speed to keep up with such a demanding pace. The Telegraph website reports that “from a Ferrari to a Smart Car, police forces around the world are spoiled for choice for fast cars when it comes to patrolling their patch”.

There is fierce competition for the world’s fastest police car with the “Italians and Germans vying for the title”, according to the Telegraph. Up until now the police “prix d’or” has been held by a Lamborghini Gallardo, which an “Italian police patrol is using on the Salerno-Reggio highway”. This superb car is capable of hitting a top speed of 192pmh, which is ample to keep up with the most reckless of motorists.

The Germans however have other ideas about the type of vehicle needed to outrun rogue road users, and have incorporated the Brabus CLS Rocket in their fleet. Rocket by name, rocket by nature; the Brabus has a twin-turbo SV12 S engine, which combines “maximum power with exquisite running smoothness and maximum environmental friendliness”, according to

Other countries that can boast having the addition of a super fast car in their fleet include the USA, where cops in South Carolina can be seen cruising around in a Dodge Viper, which has incredible straight-line performance, handling and quality. Austrian police patrol the streets in a Porsche 911, after results proved that the countries motorists are “reluctant to take them on”, reports the

Britain can show it can keep up with European competition for the world’s fastest police car, with the likes of Sussex Police Force’s latest recruit – a 148mph Lotus Exige. “Dressed in full police uniform and with a set of flashing lights on the roof, it is Britain’s fastest police car and can hit 60mph in only 4.1 seconds”, according to Boy racers across the country should be shaking in their driving boots, with this £35,000 cop car that can keep up with most supercars cross-country. Although this super speedy automobile would be great to creep up on unexpected speeding motorists, the idea behind having this addition is to encourage young people to drive responsibly and safely.

British police cars might not be the fastest, but the four Smart Cars used by Scotland Yard are the “greenest with the lowest carbon emissions”, according to the Telegraph website.

Hydrogen Car Kits: Pre-built VS Do-It-Yourself

If you are considering water powering your car by installing one of those hydrogen generator gas saving devices, you will be facing two available options: Buying a pre-made hho gas generator system or making one yourself using inexpensive items you can buy at most home improvement centers.

The truth is, while buying a pre-made hydrogen fuel cell generator system may seem like an attractive choice at first, there is a hidden downside that you can completely avoid by using a quality do-it-yourself water hybrid conversion system.

Besides the fact that it’s more expensive, the main problem is the quality and longevity of pre-made hho devices. The reason for this is that this whole water hybrid conversion craze is moderately new. It’s also a highly unregulated industry created by do-it-yourselfers. When purchasing one of these pre-built hho devices, you don’t really know what to expect long term.

Sure some work well for a while, but what happens in 2 months from now when parts start to come loose and corrode. If you don’t build the unit yourself, you can’t control the level of quality which is why most of these pre-assembled ready-to-install kits (usually slapped together in a couple of hours in someone’s living room) don’t last very long at all.

Think about it. In such a new industry, why would the makers of these hho gas conversion kits spend the extra money and time to make sure your unit lasts past 3 months. The reality is, it’s an unregulated market and they really don’t have to.

This is why I believe it is a much better option to just stick to a high quality, proven do-it-yourself water for fuel system. One that lets you choose what level of quality you put into your hho device, while saving you money on the front end and long term.

However, if you still insist on taking your chances with pre-assembled ready-to-install hydrogen fuel cell generators, make sure you’re getting a quality unit by asking the following important questions first!

1: How Many Stainless Steel Plates Does The Unit Use In It’s Plate Stack?

Quality hydrogen generator kits (with high output and great efficiency) use 16 plates in the plate stack which must be sanded down with 36 grit sandpaper first. Settling for anything less is like settling for saving 20% gas rather than 50%. It’s your choice. (Also insure plate grade is 308, 316 or higher.)

2: Are The Electrical Connectors And Wires In The Electrolyzer Properly Insulated With Heavy Duty Shrink Tubing?

Some of these pre-made gas conversion kits only wrap the electrical collections (emerged in water) in electrical tape or liquid tape. To prevent the deterioration of these connections and have a long lasting unit both insulating methods must be used along with a final wrap with shrink tubing. Hydrogen fuel cell units that don’t take this vital step tend to work fine for a while but short out after a few months.

3: Does The Unit Shut Off Automatically When You Turn The Engine Off?

This is a must-have safety requirement of any good hydrogen fuel generator. Ask the maker of the unit if it stops producing HHO gas automatically when you turn your engine off. All good hydrogen car conversion kits should include this feature and not just use a toggle switch to turn the unit on and off manually which can come with the risk of causing an explosion.

4: Has The Unit Been Properly Sealed And Will It Stay That Way?

If the vital parts of these hydrogen fuel generators are not sealed (and resealed) properly, they will leak. As a result your vehicle loses power, you waist more gas and it can eventually damage your engine. Often the creators of pre-made hho gas devices can skimp on the automotive goop “so to speak” or not take all the necessary secondary “sealing” precautions needed to insure the unit stays sealed even under extreme conditions and well into the future.

As you can see, there is a good reason why the automotive hydrogen generator market is a do-it-yourself industry at this time in history. It’s because, until these types of gas conversion kits are embraced by mainstream manufacturing, YOU must control the level of quality put into one of these things yourself (in order to be safest and in order to have a long lasting unit.) If you don’t, you could be throwing away your money and risking harming your vehicle, yourself and your passengers.

The good news is, you can easily built a long lasting hho unit and water power your car properly! Just make sure to follow the advice given above when considering any pre-built or diy system and you’ll do ok.

Nissan GTR 2013

Nissan GTR 2013- The Best Super Car from the Nissan Team

The Nissan GTR 2013 improved engine efficiency makes the car to have a dose of power with a horse power of 545 and 463 lb-ft. Simply, it’s a three in one model of a car as it put together power, style and safety at a go.

The vents, large hood and squire lines give the car a robust, compact, solid, and a solid racecar outlook. The four five inch exhaust pipe, four round tail lamps at the rear fascia of the car gives it an appealing appearance. Whether packed exposed to the sun for a long time, the inside of the Nissan GTR 2013 is kept cool by the ultraviolet solar glass. High discharge head lamps switches on and off automatically. The two types, GTR Premium and GTR Black Edition comes with a wheel of superlight weight alloy wheel of 20 inch and a 20 inch special black super lightweight alloy wheels respectively. No need for window shopping, the exterior clear view can be seen through available wallpaper HD Nissan GTR 2013.

Apart from being kept cool even if packed directly in solar radiation, the interior of this car is where you would love to stay: comfort, sophisticated and elegant. Considering the passenger volume of 79 cubic feet and a cargo capacity of 8.8 cubic feet, the vehicle is fairly large. Its interiors features such as adjustable eight-way bucket seats and entrance/exit switch for passengers on the rear seat are all made of leather and heated front seat. The magnesium paddle shifters, gear knob and parking brake lever are enclosed in leather with red and black colors.

The car performance and entertainment are controlled by the seven inch screen located in the dashboard center. Passengers or drivers can easily make or receive calls from their cell phones or entertain themselves through internet. This is made possible through the installed wireless Bluetooth connection.

Other interior features include:

  • Malfunction display
  • Rearview monitor
  • Push button ignition
  • Dual zone automatic climate control
  • In-cabin micro filter

For safety purposes:

  • The advanced airbags-detects occupancy of the passengers hence deploys the airbags as per the collision intensity. For parents with children,
  • Lower Anchor and Tethers for Children-allows parents with children to safely place the kids in the seat providing extra safety to the young once.
  • Roof mounted curtains-protect occupants from hitting the metals and keeping them safe from braking the glasses
  • Anti-locks brakes-
  • Tire pressure monitoring system-detects air pressure in all four tires
  • Electronic brake distribution-Detects slippage and out of control spinning wheel

To prevent the vehicle from theft or unauthorized use, the Immobilizer System prevents the car engine from working even if the access in the car was gained by force. To get the full view of the model, simply download the wallpaper HD Nissan GTR 2013 on our website.

Planning To Buy Used Car? Buy Certified Used BMW

BMWs are a dream car of several car enthusiasts around the world. The German designed cars are designed to brilliance and furthermore are unequaled in style and furthermore sophistication. They have got everything that discerning car lovers expect in a car. They’re a blend of beauty and so performance and furthermore this is what exactly makes passionate car buffs drool over this machine. However, this beauty is hard to catch. It commands a big price and moreover is out of reach for a lot of car lovers. But yet if you are determined to ensure it is your own, there is smart options available. You can consider visiting BMW dealers to help you get used BMW cars or maybe you may get BMW lease if you so desire. These methods have been outlined in detail below to help you buy BMW cars in your budget.

Get in touch with reputed BMW merchants

If you are thinking about buying used BMW cars, you need to contact trustworthy BMW car dealers. There are many fraudulent BMW dealers working in Phoenix, Arizona. Avoid these dealers. Take suggestions of your friends or search for BMW dealers online to look for reputed car dealers. Insist on Certified Pre-Owned BMW cars if you so desire. CPO cars are certified for authenticity by the BMW carmakers. They are awarded additional warranty and moreover given assurance certificate. Still even when you are shopping for certified cars ensure that you check all the papers and furthermore take a thorough test drive to check its performance. In the end, even used BMW cars are expensive and even you should think just before investing your hard earned money.

How To Convert Gasoline Car Into An Electric Car?

If you own a gas guzzling vehicle and are interested in making the conversion of it over to an electric car, believe it or not, you can actually do it. There are conversion kits that can make a gasoline powered vehicle into an electric car, but doing it is not an easy job. You will want to find the services of an experienced mechanic to help you make the conversion over to an electric car.

You see, there are many components of a gasoline powered car that can be modified to allow it to become electric. In order to perform this conversion, you will need specific parts that will allow those parts to run solely on electric power. This just is not a do it yourself project. Unless, of course, you yourself are a seasoned mechanic!

If you are interested in making the conversion from a gasoline car to an electric car, you might want to know some of the advantages of doing this. First, if you have an all electric car, your power comes from batteries that store electricity to operate the motor that is similar to a regular vehicle. You charge the batteries at night and then you are good to go in the morning.

A gasoline car conversion over to an electric car will allow you to know that you are not releasing harmful pollutants into the air that can cause damage to the environment. Vehicles are responsible for about 80 percent of the pollution in our world, and that pollution is depleting the ozone layer and contributing to global warming.
Once you perform the conversion from gasoline to electric car, you will find that you are not really making many concessions and that you will be gaining a lot more than you will be losing. A major drawback of a completely electric car is that you will only be able to drive about a hundred miles before the charge runs out. However, most people do not drive much more than that in an average day, so just keep an eye on your electricity gauge and drive on!

You can also do a conversion from gasoline to electric car by making your car a hybrid electric car. A hybrid electric car is one that runs primarily on electricity but also provides a secondary power source with gasoline or even another alternative fuel. While not completely emission free, if you think you have to drive more than a hundred miles a day, this type of conversion can give you a huge piece of mind.

If you want to make the conversion from gas to electric, by all means, make your car what you want it to be. Your environment thanks you.

Hydrogen vs Ethanol, Check and Checkmate

After all the buzz about the new water for fuel technology, which actually is a concept that was first discovered more than two centuries ago, way back in 1800 as a matter of fact. I wanted to take a close look at some important facts.

With all the ads and websites talking about using hydrogen Fuel abstracted from water and ethanol, which was the poster boy for alternative fuels not even a year ago, now not even being mentioned I decided it would be good to compare this old hydrogen fuel technology to that of the benefits of ethanol.

A refocus on Hydrogen as I’m sure you can deduce was brought about by the recent fuel crises where were paying 300% more for gasoline and diesel than we did less than a generation ago. When you think crisis, a 300% increase in cost should have its own picture of a gas pump in the dictionary saying “I’m Crisis” … but, I digress.

So lets jump right into it.

Ethanol not long ago was being proclaimed the future of alternative fuel sources by many experts around the world. It makes sense because ethanol is renewable, being derived from growing corn crops for the most part. It is a much cleaner burning fuel than gasoline or diesel and it is far cheaper to produce than both.

Ethanol burns well and slightly cooler because its molecules contain oxygen and this extra amount of Oxygen also seems to help gasoline burn cleaner when the two types of fuels are blended. This blend can reduce pollution in many older cars by up to 25% which makes Ethanol great for the environment.

All of these benefits obviously get Ethanol a “check” when it comes to its “worthwhileness” as an alternative fuel source.

Now, from my research comparing Ethanol to Hydrogen as fuel sources to run your automobile is as big a jump toward the positive as ethanol is a big positive jump over gasoline or diesel.
To start, hydrogen burns almost 100% cleanly. Its only residue is H20 with no pollution being deposited into our atmosphere whatsoever. So you have to give Hydrogen a bigger mark over ethanol when it comes to reducing pollution.

Hydrogen is also renewable. Remember, HHO when burned as a fuel the hydrogen that is not consumed and passes through merely combines with oxygen molecules in the air to produce H20, which again can be used to extract more HHO gas from. Talk about renewable.

Hydrogen from water is free, for the most part at least. Once you have your auto’s conversion kit is installed the only thing else you need to do is add some distilled water and a bit of backing soda.

A quart or a liter of water remarkably will produce a 1833 gallons of HHO gas that you auto can utilize for some 900 miles of driving.

So is there a cost involved, well yeah if you want to move the decimal point over about 3 or 4 positions, but in real world computations it’s basically a free fuel source. But, how well does it improve you MPG…

Hydrogen when blended with your car’s Gasoline or Diesel fuels will make your car run quieter, more efficient and will create far less pollution. To top it all off, hydrogen hybrid car owners are reporting as much as 50% better fuel efficiency.

What that means to us in dollars is that it’s like filling up your tank for half the price or if you are accustomed to having to fill up once per week, you could drive further between fill ups and only have to fill up once every “other” week.

In conclusion, ethanol is a great contender, much, much better than any fossil fuel and it does get a “check” for all of its benefits, but hydrogen fuel, free fuel taken from water gets the Checkmate!

Buy Smart Car Insurance And Secure Your Finances

Motor vehicles running in public places are regarded as a potential threat to the life of passengers, pedestrains and driver. Not only this, it can even cause damage to your own as well as third-party properties. Assuming all these probabilities, the motor vehicle insurance law has made it necessary for every car owner to insure themselves as well as his vehicle.
The unexpected expenses and the legal issues occurred by an accident can not be afforded by everyone. Paying these expenses all by yourself can majorly hit your pocket. Therefore, it is mandatory to have a car insurance that acts like a guard against the financial risks brought by an accident. An insurance policy for your vehicle not only provides protection to you in case of an accident but also covers the injury caused to third party.
Why To Have A Car Insurance?
Generally, every car insurance covers six high risk categories. However, the premium payouts are separately paid for each one of it.

1. Accident Cover Or Collision Cover
If the owner of the vehicle sustains injury while travelling in an insured car, the insurance policy provides accident as well as injury coverage for the policy holder, along with damages caused to the insured vehicle.

2. Bodily Injury Liability
In case of any injury caused to a third person or death of a third person, the driver of the car is legally required to pay compensation. Although, there are many insurance policies that provide cover against legal liabilities occurred by accidental damages to the third person and property. The coverage limit is not fixed for injuries or death and depends greatly on case-to-case basis.

3. Comprehensive
Generally known as ‘Vehicle Damage’, comprehensive excludes accidents but involves theft as well as damage to the vehicle from natural calamities such as explosion, fire, earthquake, flood, landslide, lightning, hurricane, falling objects, etc.

4. Medical
At the time of an accident, this covers medical expenses of injuries to the occupants of the insurer and also known as Personal Injury Protection (PIP). It includes cover for medical treatment or hospital bills.

5. Property Damage Liability
This provides cover to third party property for the damage caused by the policy holder.

6. Uninsured Motorists’ Coverage
This covers treatment cost for the insurer from injuries caused by an accident with an uninsured vehicle or driver.

Benefits Of Insuring Car
1. In case of any harm caused to the car due to collision, the insurance company pays the repair expenses. However, the repayment sum is liable to the terms of the policy and generally includes a percentage of the aggregate repair cost.

2. In the event of permanent total disability or death, the insurance policy provides a personal accident insurance to the owner of the car.

3. A good car insurance policy takes care of any type of third party liability arising out of an accident. Injury/property harm/death of the third party caused in the mishap legally put the driver or owner of the car to pay off for their misfortune. This is what insurance company deals with.

A vehicle owner must secure his possession by insuring his car. As it is fundamental, it is now mandatory to buy a car insurance policy from a trusted insurance company. This will protect the car owner from the misfortunes brought about post an accident, particularly to give a cover for third party damages. Besides, the definite terms of policy, claim settlement procedure, premium charges and add-on covers differ from company to company.

Nowadays, almost all insurance ventures provide the car insurance premium online so that the individual can easily figure out premiums on his insurance policy and can then make his choice accordingly.

HDFC ERGO is a leading general insurance company that not only offers car insurance online but also provides post-accident assistance. Anyone can secure his finances and make driving stress-free by having an insurance policy from a well-known firm.

Evolution of the World Electric Car Technology

Electric cars are a variety of electric vehicle (EV). Generally it refers to road-going automobiles powered by electricity. While the electric car’s power source is not explicitly an on-board battery, an electric car powered by sunlight is a solar car, an electric car powered by a gasoline generator is a form of hybrid car.
cars with electric motors powered by other energy sources are Generally Referred to by a different name:

Internatonal Standard (ISO 8713:2002) electric car is known in two types, including; Zero Emission Vehicles (Zev) and Low Emission Vehicles (LEV). Electric cars are categorized into Zero Emission Vehicles are Batterai Cars (Battery Operate) and car fuel cell. While that is categorized into LEV propulsion system is a car that combines the conventional engine with an electric motor (car Hybride).

Evolution of the World Electric Car Technology

The Basic Principle Of Electric Cars Engines

If you spot an electric car on the street, it is nearly impossible to tell that the car is powered by an electric motor because EVs (electric vehicles) look exactly like a gasoline powered car. The only other way to find an electric motor powered car is the excellent level of silence that an electric engine has!
For those who have gasoline cars, their engine bay features so many boxes and pipes which look like a complicated plumbing work but with electric cars,

In an EV, there is an ac charger which will charge the battery unit. Once you start the engine, the power will be directly delivered from batteries to the car. Instead of a gasoline meter, an EV will have a volt meter that will show you the charge. If the volt meter shows a low charge warning, it means that you should recharge your car immediately. The EV motor do not have clutch as the motor has limited control over its power output. Instead of an accelerator, it is a potentiometer that allows you to increase or decrease the speed.

To make the air conditioner work, there will be an additional battery source and for heater, a water heater will be fixed in the engine bay. The power windows and other accessories also use the electric charge and replacements are made. The potentiometer used in an electric car is similar to a fan regulator and works based on the resistance principle. However, increasing or decreasing the speed can’t help you to achieve a higher or lower mileage as the power output as well as energy consumption will be the same.

This is how EVs work, which is a very straightforward principle. There is no doubt that electric cars can help you to save a lot of money that you used to spent on fuel.

Edison’s Electric (Year 1889)

There is some debate about who built the first electric car in the world, credit is given to the Scottish inventor Robert Anderson, who built an electric car with energy unit energy sources of non-rechargeable, on the same year, the Dutch inventor Sibrandus Starting create an electric vehicle, as is done also by Thomas Davenport of Vermont. And it has been around since at least half a century before the Benz Patent-Motorwagen.


GM EV1 (Tahun 1996–1999)

The General Motors EV1 was an electric car produced and leased by the General Motors Corporation from 1996 to 1999. It was the first mass-produced and purpose-designed electric vehicle of the modern era from a major automaker, and the first GM car designed to be an electric vehicle from the outset. The decision to mass-produce an electric car came after GM received a favorable reception for its 1990 Impact electric concept car, upon which the design of the EV1 drew heavily. Inspired partly by the Impact’s perceived potential for success,

Tesla Roadster
(Year 2008-Present)

The Tesla Roadster is a battery electric vehicle (BEV) sports car produced by the electric car firm Tesla Motors in California. The Roadster is the only highway-capable electric vehicle in serial production (as opposed to prototype or evaluation fleet production) in North America or Europe. Tesla had produced more than 1,200 Roadsters sold in at least 28 countries as of July 2010.[2]  Tesla began producing right-hand-drive Roadsters in early 2010 for the British Isles, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

The Roadster is the first production automobile to use lithium-ion battery cells and the first production BEV (all-electric) to travel more than 200 miles (320 km) per charge.[

Chevrolet Volt
(Year 2011)

The Chevrolet Volt is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle being produced by the Chevrolet  division of General Motors and will be launched in November 2010 as a 2011 model. Its propulsion system is based on GM’s new Voltec (formerly known as E-Flex) electric automobile platform, which differs significantly from GM’s earlier BAS Hybrid and Two-Mode Hybrid systems. The Volt is capable of traveling between 25 to 50 miles (40 to 80 km) solely powered by the electrical energy stored in its on-board battery pack.

Solar Cars: The Oldest Energy Around

With zero emissions, solar cars present a sunny solution to eco-friendly car buyers. It also makes good sense to develop a green car technology that doesn’t call for a complicated infrastructure or any type of fueling station. What could be easier than using an already existing energy source like the Sun, right? After all it was around since the beginning of the solar system, well before fossil fuel. If it were only that simple, we’d probably already have done it. In spite of universities and corporations building solar cars every year for the past 20 years for the annual Australian World Solar Challenge solar car race, we’re not quite there yet.

How do they work?

A solar car is really an electric vehicle powered by solar energy. Photovoltaic (PV) cells in the form of solar panels convert sunlight into electrical energy. The process generates heat, which is converted into electrical energy and stored in an on-board battery. The battery serves the same basic purpose as a gas tank on an internal combustion car.

In spite of the great bounty of sunshine there for the taking, solar car technology is elusive. The solar electric power source needs a lot of PV cells, which are expensive, and the efficiency level of PVs is estimated to be only 10% to 15%. These are daunting challenges facing engineers, and it’s more likely a hybrid solar with another fuel source is the only viable option in the near future, yet the concept is intriguing enough for engineers inside and outside universities to take a pure solar car prototype into a more advanced development stage.
Are there any solar cars out there?

French manufacturer Venturi says their solar electric AstroLab hybrid concept car yields an improved PV cell efficiency level of 21%. It’s not exactly a family car with its 2-seat tandem cockpit configuration, but it’s one possibility. The Hungarian manufacturer Antro has designed a solar gas-electric hybrid other wise known as a tribrid scheduled for production in 2012, and Tesla Motors has an electric car that can be recharged with solar power with 2009 models available in the U.S. and Europe. These are only the first advances in solar car technology. As time goes on more and more manufacturers will be developing and incorporating some type of solar technology into preexisting propulsion systems. This will create a new sort of hybrid, disconnected from fossil fuels, yet still not fully reliant on the Sun’s energy

Perhaps with the recent high intensity photvoltaic cells designed by a company in Israel, many of the energy efficiency problems will be taken care of. It is not clear though if they can be designed for cars.


Solar energy and more specifically solar cars would be an amazing advancement in future car technology. They would allow for free travel and nearly unlimited accessibility. Time will tell if all the problems associated with harnessing the world’s oldest energy source can be dealt with. If the hurdles can be passed then for sure solar cars will be the wave of the future.

Electric Car Popularity – Reasons People Prefer Electric Cars To Gas Cars

Electric cars are not a new concept as we think, people hve been using them for a long time .In fact in the 1900’s people used more electric cars than cars run on gas.In the 1920’s when the popularity for cars was growing, gas was very costly.Starting a gas run car was also a very tedious process, there was no key to ignite the engine, in fact a rod used to fit into the front of the car which had to be turned round and round to get the car started.

Not only were gas run cars tedious to start , they emitted alot of smoke and were very noisy, as either the mufflers used were not good or there were no mufflers at all. Beleive it or not , at one point of time electric cars were so popular that there were about 50,000 electric cars running on the streets of United States .

As new discoveries were underway to make gasoline cheaper, electric cars started disappearing from the market. The discovery of the electric starter made way for the exit of the crank and the car was started with a key.A car run on gas could travel more distance than the electric car.Thus cars run on gas started getting more pouplar than the electric car.

Now, once again because of the awareness towards protecting the environment and reducing the dangers caused by the emission of the greenhouse gases ” green ” electric cars are once again getting

Gasoline is not used to run an electric car, it runs on the energy stored in batteries in the car. 12,14 or more batteries may be needed to run the car.The operation of the electric car is similar to that a remote controlled one since both have an electric motor that turns the wheel and a battery that that runs the motor.
Charging of the batteries can either be done all night or some cars need to be plugged into a standard electric wall.There are some which need a large electric outlet, something like what is used for an electric stove or electric clothes dryer. These are the various ways electricity is stored in the cars.

The batteries used to run the cars have to be either lead acid batteries, similar to those used in torch lights or ni-cad (nickel-cadium) used to run portable viodeo recorders or video games , only much larger in size. A lot of work is going on to upgrade the batteries to hold more energy and last longer. By the time the fifth graders in 2001 are ready to drive we should have electric cars which will be able to travel 150 to 200 miles before needing to get recharged.

Manufacturers of cars and scientists are making constant endeavours to make better cars which will be more eco-friendly. The revival of electric cars and the challenge to make them more attractive is on in a big way and enticing more people to switch over to electric cars.

Lamborghini Huracan full technical details

Huracan new super sports car adopts a new structure made of carbon fiber and aluminum alloy material mixed, this new technology will not only appear in the new generation of Audi R8 models, but will also be applied to several mainstream Audi models. Reportedly upcoming Audi Q7 will be the first Audi models to use carbon fiber hybrid structure.

New Huracan have a more power and new interior performance, high-quality, new look and a “innovative technology package.” These changes seem to solve the main aspects of the old Gallardo which has been criticized, compared to stronger, more modern and higher quality competitors such as the Ferrari 458 and the like McLaren 12C supercar, Gallardo has shown its elderly.

The Huracan is powered by a new naturally aspirated 602 bhp 5.2-liter V10 engine, and equipped with a newly designed seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. The car from a standstill to 62 miles / hour (100 km / h) speed up the process takes only 3.2 seconds, the speed of the process Bigailaduo LP560-4 fast 0.5 seconds, accelerates from zero to 124 miles / hour (200 km / h) takes 9.9 seconds and a top speed over 200 miles / hour (322 km / h).

The engine is 413 pounds – feet of peak torque output of 75% can be reached at speed of only 1000 rpm, which is not really very good for a turbo suppliers uk version of the engine which is concerned. And 1422 kg of dry weight means the car weight of only 2.33 kilograms per horsepower. Its fuel economy of Bigailaduo LP560-4 automatic transmission models also improved, from 19.2 mpg increase to 22.6 mpg, per kilometer of carbon dioxide emissions down to 290 grams from 351 grams.

This is a Lamborghini Huracan Audi engineers work together with R & D, rear and center channels to build a firewall made of carbon fiber. While other parts of the structure, including the front and rear subframe, front bulkhead, suspension components as well as most of the body shell is made of aluminum alloy.

It is reported that this new configuration makes stiffness Huracan than using aluminum space frame of the old Gallardo improved over 50% and about 10% lighter. Although the configuration using more lightweight materials, but this dry weight of Bigailaduo Huracan actually increased slightly increased from 1410 kg to 1422 kg.

In interior design, this Huracan is equipped with a 12.3 inches of TFT digital display and a fingertip-control device installed (for manipulating the wiper, washer, high beam and indicator lights, etc.) steering wheel. Behind the wheel is a pair of obviously much larger shift lever.

Hydrogen Engine Conversion

What is Hydrogen Fuel Injection?

Alright, I will attempt to not get too techy when describing things.  Basically, a hydrogen fuel injection engine is when the systems of your car engine inject either a mixture of hydrogen-enriched fuel, or pure hydrogen into the intake of your engine.  A lot of the time this is accomplished by combining an air/fuel mixture like the former description.  The more the hydrogen intake the easier it is for the engine to operate with a leaner and purer air/fuel mix.

Why is this important to you?

This is of great concern to many of you out there because the leaner and purer mix of fuel you can run your vehicle with the more miles per gallon (MPG) you will be able to achieve.  To speak in English for a moment.  If you can successfully implement a hydrogen engine conversion you are going to be getting a ton more mileage for your money.  The reason for this article is to give you an introduction into the possibility of hydrogen engine conversion that will help you get up to 2 to 3 times the gas mileage you currently get.  I want people to understand and educate themselves on something that has only been vaguely spoken of in the media and elsewhere.

Can you convert your engine to a hydrogen engine?

The answer, despite what you may have been led to believe, is yes!  You can indeed implement a full hydrogen engine conversion to your now obsolete gas driven engine.  This technology has actually been around for decades.  It has only been recently with the coming of the internet and the information age that individuals are able to learn how to convert to a hydrogen engine.

This is not a process I can explain easily in this article. So, I want to provide you all with a link to a website that will explain everything you need to know about this process. Follow this link on Hydrogen Engine Conversion to find out more about this revolution that is occuring in the private automotive industry. I would highly suggest you have a look because so far the auto companies are attempting to stay clear of this technology pureley for political and profit motives.

The Multiple Uses of DC Motors

DC Motors are argueably the most useful type of electrical motors, and with good reason, they are designed to be used with batteries, solar cells or similar cell based energy sources, and as a result are used in systems where you don’t have to be tied to a wall. Furthermore, even in systems where they are tied to the wall, sometimes it can be more efficient and cost effective to run DC Motors even in certain situations. Motors generally though give the impression of a gas guzzling car. In this article, I hope to dispel that myth, and educate you on where and when DC Motors can be and are used.

Low Power DC Motors
The lower power motors aren’t really useful for things commonly associated with motors. Lifting and transportation applications require more power & torque for them to work. However, what they lack in power they make up in precision. Low power DC motors are particularly useful as speed changes from 0 to 1 are almost instantaneous. Therefore, they can be used successfully in digital systems.

A low speed, low power brushless DC motor can be found in most turntable devices, particularly precision turntable devices. Devices with such motors are things like personal computers (usually, with 3 motors in it, one for the hard drive, and one for the processor cooler), CD & DVD players.

Medium Power DC Motors
Medium power DC Motors have a use too in systems. Generally they are connected to the mains, and use a rectifier to convert the AC current into a DC current to be used for the task in hand. As a result of this, they also need to be stepped down (voltage reduced) so that the current doesn’t overpower the circuit and burn out the motor. This limits their usage to larger systems that require room for both a stepper and a rectifier. But they still serve a purpose, particularly in systems where size nor speed is an issue, just reliability. One such place is in pinsetters in a bowling alley, for example.
High Power DC Motors
Argueably the most common and useful motors are High Power DC Motors. These motors are generally used in open systems, and generally used in systems were torque and power, as well as drive are paramount. Examples of such systems include electric wheelchairs, electric scooters, Segways, hybrid cars, as well as in elevators.

Of course, with power comes great power usage, and whilst the most energy efficient form of motor, they can require a lot of energy to run. Part of the creative process of using them is to be efficient (drive systems in hybrid cars use the petrol motor’s momentum to recharge a battery, which will be then used to power the DC motor), but generally the battery will need to be recharged or replaced at regular intervals. Even so, it’s usually infrequently the battery needs replacing. Furthermore, any systems attached to the mains don’t suffer from this problem.

Use Automotive Scissor Lift, Latest Embedded Technology Autel DS708 Diagnostic Equipment & numeorus kinds of Tools to Save your Auto Professioanal

Maintaining vehicles is one the toughest job because of its complex structure. In past years there was no proper technique or methods to maintain vehicles & it took days & months to maintain of the car. To prevail over this drawback, technologists & professionals once thorough analysis introduced varied types of automotive garage equipment & handheld auto diagnostic scan tools are available that assists you in maintaining your vehicle. Autel DS708is great assisting auto scan tool loaded with OBD-II technology, which assists in diagnosing your vehicle within short span of time. With the assistance of it you’ll diagnose your automotive to almost every type of faults & will face much less problems in future. Other than this, battery tester & gas analyzer also plays important role in identifying & solving your vehicle problems.

Autel DS708

Automotive lifts can bear the load of automobile & also it can take it up to sure level of height supplying you with the opportunity to perform tasks with clear visibility & with none type of difficulty. There are completely different forms of automobile lifts offered in all sizes. Whether or not you bought light weighted smart car or serious duty bus, car lifts are best thanks to solve, axle, suspension, gears or any other automotive work notwithstanding the tier of auto.

Automotive Lift

Let’s mention some of the key kinds of automotive lifts. Scissor elevator, 2post hoists, 4-post hoists are a number of the most important type of the instrumentation. The performance of each type is additional or less an equivalent. All of them take your automobile up to sure height through contraction & liberate process.

Four post hoists in which 2 rods are parallel installed to every other just like previous a pair of post hoists. The most important distinction between the 2 is that there are four poles placed closely to each alternative, at two end points, giving your vehicle a lot of secure thanks to resuscitate without any worry. On this type of raise, you can simply load your four wheel drive vehicle as it can sustain the load of such vehicle.


Another sort is 2 post hoists is essentially 2 rods parallel put in to every alternative. In between those rods a pole is any supplemental adjacently that holds the weight of automobile. This type of raise is suitable only for little LTV vehicles, as it might be unsafe to use it over the four wheel drives or any other heavy vehicle.

Last but not least, comes the scissor lift; with such lifts the automotive is put over the table & with the help of contraction & release process it takes the auto up to required height giving ample house to individuals to do the required task. It is best for approximately all classes of vehicle.


There are numerous corporations worldwide, which builds such equipments, giving you to firmly uplift your car with none worries. For nice effective results click here to induce to grasp more about this must have instrumentality & save your automobile from all kinds of errors. Enjoy Fixing!

Some Interesting Facts On Infiniti Cars

Infiniti is a car brand that is synonymous with style, power, innovation and technology. There is hardly any positive emotion that an Infiniti car owner doesn’t feel on being able to possess it. Be it the pride of owning it, be it the joy of driving it or be it the temptation of flaunting it, an Infiniti car touches a car lover’s heart in a deep way. There can be no better alternative to the Infiniti cars, whether you set out for a long drive with your sweetheart by your side or you race on the tracks. Luxury, elegance and speed – all these qualities come intact no matter which Infiniti car you bring home.

The journey of Infiniti in United States

The Infiniti cars were first rolled out in America in the November of 1989. But surprisingly, in the beginning the brand wasn’t received well at all. Critics say that much of it was due to the unusual approach in advertising the car models which used a ‘Zen’ influenced concept. So where most brands showed their car models, Infiniti focused more on tranquil environments rather than showing the photos of its vehicles. Then the brand realized it and replaced the old commercials with new ones which showed all their luxury liners. The company also went on to win several awards for its innovatively designed cars and their smart concepts.

The hard truth

With every beautiful thing comes an ugly truth and in this case, it is the expensive price of the Infiniti vehicles. Now with a car which gives you the optimum luxury, comfort, fashion statement, excellent strength, great durability and superb drive, you can make out that the price tag is not for nothing.

Trend setting hot wheels

Infiniti got a major break with the launch of Q45 model which became the top of the line vehicle during that time. The car had many award winning features. Then the brand began to roll out one smart car model to the other. But soon when everybody was sure the brand would emerge as the world leader beating the bests in the industry, the M30 was launched in the 90s and failed to keep up with the pace of the competition. But the brand geared up and came back with the super-hit luxury cars like QX4, G35 and FX35/45 and redefined its power as one of the best automotive giants in the world.

New Technology To Alert Sleepy Car Drivers

Driving can be tiring at times, but being fatigued whilst driving can lead to fatal consequences. It is estimated some 100,000 crashes a year are caused by over-tired drivers in the US, and fatigue may cause some 18% of all fatal collisions. Research shows conclusively that drowsiness is the largest single cause of road traffic accidents.

It is advisable that drivers rest for every four hours they drive and pull over for a break when they are tired. Sometimes, however, this is not possible. Traditional remedies for droopy eyes have ranged from opening a window for cold air, drinking caffeine or listening to loud music. Scientists across the globe have been hard at work finding novel solutions for keeping a fatigued driver awake.

Saab was the first manufacturer to tackle the problem, unveiling an infra-red monitoring system, the Attention Warning System, shown as a development project in 2007. Since then Mercedes has produced the Attention Assist system, standard on some models. This system relates to an individual driver profile it stores on its computer and compares that to data from the car’s sensors, monitoring the individual’s state of alertness.

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology (IDMT) in Ilmenau, Germany have developed a system for alerting a tired driver by tracking their eye movement and issuing a warning before they nod off. The Eyetracker was recently unveiled at a vision-industry trade fair in Stuttgart. The system records a 3-D image of the driver, monitoring the eye’s line of vision and if it detects that the eye is closed for too long a period, an alarm sounds alerting the driver. This system is small and cheaper than many similar systems aimed at alerting sleepy drivers.
Another similar solution is the Driver Fatigue Monitor by Attention Technologies Inc. USA. This is a dashboard mounted camera that measures the frequency with which a driver closes his eyes, known as PERCLOS, Percentage of Eye Closure. If the camera senses that the eyes have been shut longer then a pre-defined period a warning alarm is sounded to rouse the driver.

A slightly different solution by Danish company ASP Technology is known as the Anti-Sleep Pilot. The ASP is a dashboard device that will ask the driver to respond to tests after a period of uninterrupted driving. These simple tests are designed to measure how alert you are, with the computer timing your response speed. If you fail to respond in time, the Anti-Sleep Pilot will advise you to stop driving and rest.

All these systems have one thing in common: they help a drowsy driver avoid a potentially fatal accident. That said, even when you’re wide awake, being a safe driver can help prevent accidents which can prevent you having to pay for costly repairs, such as a car window replacement.

Smartphone for Selfie Interview is a New Technological Advancement

Technology has transformed our life the way we lived it previously. It has changed the things done in the past. Now, the execution of human involvement is majorly based on the technology. We don’t need to be present at the exact location; our virtual presence is enough. The devices all we have these are the miraculous mediums of communication. In fact, technology has changed the face of modern day interviews process. You don’t need to be present physically in front of the interviewer/s.

Smartphone more than taking selfies

Technology has taken us to out of the ordinary state of life and smartphone is one such aspect of technological changes that is known to be one of the life-changing phenomena. Smartphone is not limited to taking picture, calling, playing games, sending emails and chatting, it has come out to be a fruitful way of interacting when it comes to looking for jobs. In fact, the latest use of smartphone is interesting to know.  No, what you are thinking right now is not we are talking about. We are not talking about talking to the job consultant through your phone. Way has completely changed.


Smartphone for Selfie-Interviews

With the efforts of e-poise, a Bangalore based company has developed an application to utilize your phone to give interviews through the selfie phenomenon. Yes, you heard it right! Selfie (video conferencing) through ePoise app is helping jobseekers attend interviews without physically present at the interview locations. This technological help is extending beyond outings and vacations with loved ones to job interviews. Bangalore-based ePoise has developed a mobile platform that lets applicants apply for career opportunities and in a straight line give interviews right from their phones. According to ePoise, their app is the first such mobile application.


Image Source: IBN

About the Event

To popularize and make the better use of their app, ePoise along with YourStory have organised a startup job fair. It has helped various professionals whether they are looking for accounts manager jobs in Bangalore or engineering jobs in Delhi. To tell more about the event, over 250 companies are participating in the event. The virtual job fair has already started on this October 6. It will last till October. The event is featuring over a 1000 jobs. It would save time for the candidates as they don’t require travelling for the interview.

Brand Involvement

Many reputed and popular brands have signed up for this job fair. Some of the major companies include:

  • Bankbazaar
  • Redbus
  • Ola
  • Urban Ladder
  • Zomato
  • Limeroad
  • Justdial
  • Mobikwik


At one end, such technological changes have made our lives easy; on the other hand, it is helping us locating jobs. The only thing we required was just a mediator to better utilize the available technology. The app did the same.

Running Your Car On Water – Any Real Disadvantages?

With the recent increasing gas prices, more and more people have been looking into alternative ways in which to lower their fuel costs. They have also been looking for more ways to help the environment as studies have shown increasing amounts of greenhouse gases being released through the use of fossil fuels.

One of the alternatives to gas is hydrogen, which has brought the run car on water movement to a popular standing. There are two main ways to get hydrogen power into your car. The first is conversion and the second is to purchase a new vehicle that uses hydrogen. While there are no real disadvantages to using a conversion which is either homemade or a kit purchase, there is a disadvantage to purchasing a hydrogen powered vehicle.

Hydrogen is a highly flammable material that is heavier than gas. This could lead to a serious risk which is not as high in gasoline-based vehicles. The disadvantage of conversion is that these are hybrid vehicles. Even though you are creating them from your own vehicle, they are not hydrogen-based which mean that you are using gas as well as hydrogen.

If you are looking for the totally emission-free vehicle, you will need to look into purchasing a new vehicle that is designed to run specifically on HHO gas. If not, then you will have the disadvantage of still having to head to the pump. The good news is that you will be saving money because you will be able to extend the life of your tank of gas by 50-100%!
This means a longer amount of time between trips to the gas station and a greater distance on a single tank of gas! That is because people drive farther from their homes more than ever in order to find decent work, and with rising prices, being able to get more for your dollar is something to consider seriously.

If you are asking if there are disadvantages to run car on water, more likely than not your answer is going to be no! What few disadvantages there may be when it comes to using water as a fuel source, the advantages still far outweigh them. Water is a renewable source and in many cases, water that you may not consider drinkable can be easily used for fuel.

Chances are you may never run into a problem with running out of gas again. You can go farther and longer on the same tank, saving yourself the cost of anywhere from half a tank to a full tank of gas with every single purchase.

Hydrogen cars are more expensive just as any new type of vehicle is. Anything that is not mainstream as a result of conversions is more popular because it can be done easily in the space of a weekend from things that you can find at your local hardware store. There really are no serious disadvantages to using water as an alternative fuel source for your vehicle.

Hydrogen Fueled Car Facts

With the current condition of the economy and gas prices at an all-time high, many folks are looking for different ways to save some money. Some are dropping cable TV, while others may be cutting back on dining out at restaurants. Many people, though, are researching the benefits of driving a hydrogen fueled car to free themselves from the dependency of fossil fuels like petroleum (where gas comes from). The hydrogen fueled caris supposed to be the greatest conception of the 21st century for the automobile industry. Before deciding to drive a hydrogen fueled car, it is important that you understand how a hydrogen-powered car works.

A hydrogen fueled car is powered by a special engine that is powered by water as a fuel (rather than gasoline). Yes, you’ve read that correctly – W-A-T-E-R. Through an electrical reaction called electrolysis, the “fuel cell” of a hydrogen fueled car is able to extract the hydrogen and oxygen atoms from the H20 (the water), and uses the hydrogen to power the engine. Pretty cool, huh?!

There are many benefits to driving a hydrogen fueled car. By using a car that runs on water, you not only save money from using less gasoline, you also reduce air pollution of harmful carbon dioxide emissions put into the air by dirty gasoline exhaust. With everybody trying to go green these days, a hydrogen fueled car is a great way to help save the environment.

A hydrogen fueled car also has a much high fuel efficiency at well above 50 miles per gallon. However, this does not really matter, as these cars are powered by water! Now, there are plans on the internet that will tell you how to build a hydrogen fuel cell for your car, but these plans are just theoretical. If making a hydrogen fueled car was so easy, everybody would be driving one!

Will Ford Produce A Fully Electric Car Instead of Hybrid Cars In The Near Future?

While the Ford Motor Company is one of the largest car manufacturers in the world, they have long been reluctant to get into the electric car market. However, they did manufacture, market, and sell an electric car in an attempt to meet the consumer demands for a cleaner car that will produce less pollution and emit no greenhouse gases. Ford responded with their own version of the electric car.

The Think City electric car was produced by Ford several years ago, and many people took advantage of this pollution free, energy efficient vehicle. However, the United States has very strict standards when it comes to the safety of the vehicles on Americas roads. Unfortunately, the Think City electric car did not meet those rigorous standards so Ford ceased production and actually crushed the cars when they were returned at the end of customers leases. There are still some Think City cars out there, but they are no longer being marketed by Ford.

Ford has, however, started exploring and implementing the production of hybrid electric cars that run mostly on battery power and have the ability to switch over to gasoline power. In fact, there are many of these electric vehicles on the road today. Ford is a leader in the industry and they did not want to limit their production of electric vehicles to just cars. You can now find electric Ford trucks, SUVs, and mini vans.
Electric cars made by Ford are now mostly of the hybrid version, but there also are Ford brand electric cars that you can find overseas. Because other countries do not have as stringent safety standards, people in countries like England and France have taken the advantages of the electric car and are driving them en masse.

Some people are disappointed that Ford has made the move from a totally electric car to a hybrid vehicle, but without being able to meet safety standards, the companys hands essentially were tied. It was not cost efficient for them to take the electric cars already on the road and meet the set standards, so they had to do what they could to meet the demands of their customers for a more environmentally friendly vehicle.

Being an industry leader in the car field, Ford is doing what they can to meet the requests of their customers for an electric car. Perhaps in the future, a fully electric car with the Ford name on it is possible. But for now, Ford enthusiasts will have to settle for hybrid versions.

Maruti Ertiga – Maruti’s LUV to Enthrall Indians

 Unveiled at the Auto Expo 2012 happens to be a new kind of MPV, a vehicle with the features of MPV and luxury and comforts of a luxury car.  An LUV or Life Utility Vehicle – is what the company is marketing this unique new vehicle as.


Maruti Ertiga is a vehicle designed and created in Japan but by keeping in mind the requirements of the Indian buyers. Will Ertiga dethrone Innova, the king of the MPV segment?  Well, the suspense lingers till the car finally runs through the roads. Let’s have a closer look at this most spoken about car of the moment.

What makes Ertiga stand different is its platform. It is based on the Swift platform giving it monocoque frame unlike the other cars in the segment which are body on frame, which it is going to use as one of its USPs, and it is worth it. It is available both in diesel and petrol versions. Both the variants uses up the engine with 4 cylinder in-line arrangements, the petrol variant is powered by 1.4 liter power train from Maruti K Series with VVT  with a displacement of 1373cc offering a top power of 98.3 bhp along with a top torque of 13.25kgm.

The diesel version is powered by 1.3liter multijet turbo diesel engine with DDis offering a displacement of 1248cc, the efficiency of which is improved by VGT or Variable Geometry Tubo. You get a maximum power of 88.5bhp and a top torque of 20.39kgm.

Maruti Ertiga is well stretched with a wheelbase of 2740mm and boasts a length of 4265mm, which makes it well nigh bigger than four-metre length. The width and height of the so called LUV are 1695mm and 1685mm. You get a wonderful ground clearance of 185mm. The petrol and diesel variants weigh around 1160kg and 1235kg, respectively.

Maruti Suzuki has done wonders with the interior of this seven seater. It is most practically designed with great balance between the space and seating.  You get numerous styling features together with luxurious looks. With roof mounted AC , the middle and the last rows are kept well cooled, the last row is foldable that saves up a lot of space giving you generous boot space though this slightly cramps up the middle row.

You get to recline the rear seats and use up the sliding mechanism to have ample legroom and long journey comforts. The monocoque frame gives you perfectly luxury car like feel, it gives an easy drive and equally easy ride, the steering with audio controls mounted over it does fabulously well both in the city as well as the highways, in fact its ride quality can be claimed as its another of USPs.

Maruti Ertiga is an easily maneuvered vehicle offering wonderful top mileage of 16.02kmpl for the petrol variant and 20.77kmpl for the diesel one. Its price is estimated to be somewhere between 7 lakh and 9 lakh.  This compact seven seater appears to become not only the other choice of the Innova and Xylo buyers but will also make its place in the Saloon buyers’ mind!

Water For Gas – HHO Conversion Kit or DIY Hydrogen Generator – Which Way is The Best?

When it comes to increasing your gas mileage, you can’t go wrong with a hydrogen generator that turns your car into a water burning hybrid. But does a home built hydrogen generator work as well as an HHO conversion kit?

The first thing we must look at is the price. A hydrogen generator kit sells for $1000 and up. A home made DIY hydrogen generator can be built for $65.

Both produce HHO and the home made version can be adapted in the way the current is applied and the rate at which the hydrogen gas is produced to match the output of the commercially available kit.

So, they work equally well and one can be built at a fraction of the cost. The next question is safety.

The most popular home built hydrogen generator uses baking soda as an electrolyte. The producers of the expensive hydrogen generator kits (or more accurately one company in particular) have made the claim that this type of generator produces carbon monoxide gas and is “lethal junk”.

Bold claims to be sure. But is this accurate or purely economically driven to discredit the competition. I built my own hydrogen generator and have been very pleased with the performance but I needed to know the truth.

People will say anything when it comes to money; they will even lie. I decided to write to the president of the company who had put out an article warning people that building their own hydrogen generators could kill them.

Serious statements like this need to be backed up by serious validated data and statistics. I requested such information from this company and the answer I got to my questions and concerns were: “ask any high school chemistry teacher”.

What? No data, no numbers of people harmed by home built hydrogen generators? No scientific data by independent testing facilities? Just this guy’s statement followed up by: “ask a high school chemistry teacher?”

So, I went a different route. First, I had my hydrogen generator tested for carbon monoxide production by a licensed technician. Result, no measurable amount of CO produced.
Second, I contacted a researcher from Gulf Laboratories who has studied and developed this technology for more than 25 years and he said the president of this company made “claims that were irresponsible and laughably ridiculous”.

I then wrote to the person who wrote the top selling do it yourself guide and forwarded a copy of the article claiming that he was “peddling lethal junk to innocent people”.

He said he was aware of the article and that it was so full of mistakes and untruths that it was obvious unsubstantiated ranting. He said he was an actual scientist and that CO is not produced from baking soda and even if it was, a teaspoon mixed in a quart size jar could not produce enough to harm anyone.

Not to mention the fact that the mixture is in a sealed container and located under the hood of your car basically making it impossible to collect any CO at all. But the fact remains the system does not even produce CO.

Back to the president of the company selling the expensive hydrogen generator kit: The president of this company backed up his claims that home made hydrogen generators were lethal by telling me to ask a high school chemistry teacher. I had written back to him with actual research done by actual scientist and independent laboratories and said he needed to provide proof the system was dangerous and that he had leveled serious accusations at otherwise reputable people and I hoped he had something to back up these claims.

His response: “Direct any further correspondence to my lawyer”. Enough said. These statements that my home built hydrogen generator was dangerous were made for economical reasons to discredit his competition and play on people’s fears. Shame on you Mister President. We already have enough people lying to us and prying money out of our pockets.

New Car Review: Fiat 500, Deep in the heart of Texas

The Fiat 500, the original was a response to the Suez Crisis of 1956, the post war European economy was beginning to wake up and by 1955 half of all ships passing through the Suez Canal were oil tankers. Fiat no stranger to small cars had released the Fiat 600 in 1955, but with the oil crisis of 1956 it was clear that a even more fuel efficient car was needed for the growing urban centers in Europe. The Fiat 500 is considered by many to be the first “City Car”. But that is enough history, today people are just as concerned about oil prices, cities are still growing, and people are looking for stylish alternatives to the standard econo-box hatchback. Just as it was in the late 1950’s the Fiat 500 and Mini Cooper stepped up to answer the call with cars that have a little personality.

As a car lover I could not wait for the new Fiat 500 to hit US Shores, I had owned several classic Fiats over the years, but had not driven a new Fiat since my last trip to Europe. So I did what most people would do and headed over to the local dealership (they call them studios) the showrooms are slick, clean red and white paneling, smooth Italian styled cabinets and displays, a coffee bar, and lots of glass. The only problem with the dealer is that no one would walk out and help me. After spending 20 mins walking around the lot, looking at every car, no one would come out. Now back when I sold cars, you get someone on the lot, at 10AM on a weekday, that’s a good opportunity. So I made my way into the showroom where I found no-one, I began to wonder if I had missed the rapture, but at last I spotted a salesperson sitting a glass office. I waved, shouted, and he looked up with little regard, and turned back to whatever it was he was doing. So needless to say, the first drive of a 500 would not come from Fiat of Ontario. I reached out to them, but that is another story for another time. I was headed to Dallas.


I landed in Dallas, it was over 100 degrees and the humidity from incoming thunderstorms made it feel even hotter. I watched as people darted in and out of air-conditioned cars into the terminal and back again, as if they could avoid feeling the heat. “CC66…sir,sir, your car is parked in CC66” said the lady from behind the counter. “Thank you” I said as a fumbled for my sunglasses. Outside the air was as thick, the heat was intense, the kind of heat you can only experience on blacktop, where it radiates from all directions. CC66, there it was bright red, one of only four colors an Italian car can really be.

Getting into the car I began to acclimate myself with all the bells and whistles, for someone that drives a 1969 Mini Cooper everyday the number of flashing lights and dials was impressive, and slightly overwhelming. The window buttons are not on the door and after a few moments searching I discovered them on the center console. For a car that is so small some buttons (such as the passenger side window) are kind of a reach for the driver. Thankfully this car was equipped with the steering-wheel mounted radio controls. The car seemed to get mixed reactions as a drove into town, some people would thumbs up, others from their towering pickups would shake their head as if to shame me, still others looked at me as if I were Al-Qaeda descending on their city.

The body color dash panel is a nice touch, it gives the car that 1960’s feel that they were going for, however, I just know some aftermarket company is going to come up with a simulated carbon fiber snap on cover for it. If you buy a 500 please avoid the urge to install wood or carbon fiber anywhere on it. For some reason, Fiat has decided to market the accessories under the MOPAR name here in the US. Because when you think MOPAR you think small and European. So far they have mostly come up with chrome fuel doors, mirror covers, decals, and the normal racks for all the extreme sports you will be doing in your Fiat. Don’t worry they already coming out with MOPAR seat covers, shift knobs, and wheel centers for your Fiat.

The seats are trimmed in cloth and vinyl, they are comfortable and supportive, for an inexpensive car have a good range of movement. The back seats fold nicely, but with the seats up you have just about enough truck space for a fat Basset Hound. With the seat down you have more room than the MINI, and about the same as the new Mazda 2/Ford Fiesta.
Driving all over Dallas I found myself looking at maps since there was no built in Navigation. I know that the dashboard layout does not lend itself to a navigation system, but MINI figured it out. Instead of doing it the right way Fiat has teamed up with Tom Tom, with a special edition Tom Tom dock that is mounted on the top of the dash, the system takes up about half of the windscreen and looks like a dirty thrift-store t-shirt under a Armani suit.The Navigation system is a $400 option and for that money your better off just getting the standard $149 Tom Tom with the large window blocking suction cup mount and spending the rest of that money on 512 $0.49 red burritos from Del Taco.

That does bring up the price, while the basic model does start at $15,500 the pricing quickly spikes up from there. The top of the line Fiat 500 Lounge C (C is for Cabriolet) will set you back $23,500 and that’s before you add the options. You want heated fronts seats and an auto dimming mirror that will be $450. Leather $1,250. A wifi hot spot in the car? give’em $499. Special order color $849, a red white and green racing sticker down the side? $399 so it all adds up pretty quickly. All said you can kit out a Fiat 500 to just under $30,000…and that is before you start adding your MOPAR parts to it.

So…ummm…yeah…$30K….Fiat 500….hummmmm. If you really have you heart set on an Italian Convertible for around $30K, I would suggest a previously loved Maserati Spyder, Qvale Mangusta, or go British and pick up a gently used Lotus Elise. With the Lotus you get the best of a Fiat… its small, impractical, flashy, and gets good gas mileage. But you get one thing that the current Fiat can’t give you….the Lotus is also fun to drive.
So how does the Fiat 500 drive, well the as tested Fiat 500 Sport, came in at just over $19K, the car is a “sport” because it has a button that says so on the dash. I think it is just the overdrive button most automatic cars have that disengages the overdrive. But this one says Sport so therefore it makes the car more sporty. It also gets the sporty alloy wheels and some other styling upgrades. However, the 101hp and 98 lb-ft of torque do little to inspire a sporty driving experience. (The Turbocharged Abarth model is needed ASAP.)

The sport model would have benefited with steering wheel mounted shifters since reaching for the shifter to do the +/- “Sport” shifting gets old quick and I ended up just putting it back in drive. The dash board mounted shifter is just far enough out of reach to feel uncomfortable, a feeling I got in the manual transmission version as well. I kept looking for the low between the seats, well placed shifter of my classic Mini Cooper that allowed you top push and pull the gear changes. This feels more like a toggle switch that has to be pulled at an odd angle. Fiat may have designed the shifter this was as keeping both hands on the wheel is important when you are driving the 500 at speed. Take a corner and the car feels like it is going to pitch over and roll, the back end bounces and misses no opportunity to take flight. This translates into a unsettled and uncontrolled feeling in any corner that is not perfectly smooth and level. The four-wheel discs do allow to brake later, keeping momentum is important in the 500. I was hoping for more of an original Golf GTI or Classic Mini Cooper feel in the handling department, but the only go-kart similarity the 500 has is the wheelbase.

Perhaps we are asking too much from the 500, it is about 6 grand less than a comparable MINI, and while the MINI has a racing heritage and pedigree, the standard 500 was never known as a performer, it took Abarth who doubled the cubic inches, and reworked the entire suspension and chassis to make it a worthwhile racer. The standard Fiat 500 is serving its purpose the original was intended for, a cute, affordable (if you go with a base model), city car that can deliver MPG in the high 30’s. It has a good A/C system, good fit and finish, it looks the part, but the “Sport” is a bit misleading.

What can a powerful Ford C-MAX GPS Navigation DVD do?

Ford C-MAX GPS Navigation DVD Features:

  • 7″ High definition digital Touch panel with 800 * 480 RGB Output
  • Built-in GPS navigation (with full touchscreen & voice navigation)
  • Bluetooth hands free and A2DP Function
  • All-Region DVD/CD disc playback supported
  • iPod control function
  • GPS Dual Zone
  • Support Steering Wheel Control
  • Support Reverse Camera Control
  • Built-in High Anti-disturbance Radio System:FM AM RDS
  • Support e-book(“.txt” supported)
  • Built-in Amplifier (4 * 60W)
  • Built-in USB/SD port
  • Built-in ESP Anti-shock function
  • Dual Channel CD Tone Quality, Supporting AC-97
  • Button Light: Red

This product can work with Ford Mondeo 2007-2009(Not suit: MONDEO Titanium), Ford S-MAX and Ford C-MAX 2007. All the basic functions are included: built-in GPS, DVD playback, Bluetooth handsfree, HD Digital Touchscreen, IPOD ready, original steering wheel control match(with CAN-BUS technology), RDS Receiver, USB Interface and 2 SD slots and reverse camera input!
The unit has the dual core CPU with 128M hardware. The price is reasonable with so many advanced configurations.
The out-standing aspects of this product are that it has sub-woofer out which means that you can connect to external Sub-woofer equipments. Besides it has Bluetooth phonebook function by which when you make a call the DVD will also show the person’s name if you have saved it in your phone.
Now it’s turn to talk about the disadvantages of the product. There is no CDC port. If you want the CDC port you have to customize it, which will disable one of the RDS or IPOD ready functions. The other disadvantage is that there is no built-in analog TV tuner and it can’t be added with built-in .

World’s Ultra small Solar Powered Car

world’s Ultra small Solar Powered Car size of 1.22 in. x0.91 in. x0.63 (3.1 cm × 2.3 cm × 1.6 cm) weighing only 10 grams. This lovely gadget is a gift every child wants. Today, people advocating low-carbon living, solar toy line with this trend, World’s Ultra small Solar Powered Car for children’s education is undoubtedly a good tool to stimulate children’s curiosity, as children explore the science of power. In the birthday or special occasion to send a child a toy, World’s Ultra small Solar Powered Car is a good choice.

World’s Ultra small Solar Powered Car

1 Ultra small solar powered moving car
2 Great toy and education tool for children
3 Specifications Return to top
4 World’s Smallest Solar Powered Car
5 Size: 3.1 cm x 2.3 cm x 1.6 cm
6 Weight: 10 g
7 Very nice and simple. Good for little kids an learning about solar energy. Quality is very good for this price
8 buy more, price will be more better
If you are a retailer or wholesaler, please contact our service member to check details. located in Shenzhen China. and we are a comprehensive & export-oriented company that focus on Consumer Electronics ! All of these make playing an important part in the digital & electronic line! We make the efforts on products that are with new series, marketable models and best quality. Therefore, all of them are popular in Europe, Africa, America and Southeast Asia!
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In order to come to the global of “Golden supplier”, we insist on “developing on innovation, co-operating in sincerity, living on quality”. On the basis of mutual profit, we are getting together with clients to enjoy the prosperous future! has cooperated with tens of close factories, so the price that we offer to the consumer is directly from the Chinese Factory, all items we list on this website is brand new and original with sealed box, and comes with official warranty, Shopping with us is safe and secure. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. And we offer 30-day Money Back Guarantee!

Three Important Facts about Dry Cell Hydrogen Hho Generators

Hydrogen generators are one of the emerging technologies that promise plenty of advantages to car owners. While some people are contemplating the idea of switching to dry cell hydrogen hho generators, there are many who have already taken advantage of this technology and have started seeing great differences in their driving habits and fuel bills. People who hesitate to use these products basically do so, due to lack of knowledge about the functions and benefits of these devices. If you too are one among them, then here are some facts that you need to know about.

Hydrogen Generator Operation and Technology:

Fuel cells within the hydrogen generators run on gaseous hydrogen fuel and generate the right amount of electricity to power your car. The energy that powers your car comes entirely from the fuel cell which is fully electric. A fuel cell is connected to a battery where electricity is stored and the generator effectively substitutes a conventional car’s internal combustion engine. In the dry cell hydrogen hho generators, there are a series of chambers that contain electrolyte and also allow large volume of hydrogen to flow through the cells. These cells function by routing hydrogen through these chambers. The hydrogen reacts with the electrolyte and releases positively charged ions, which flow to the batteries. As a result, heat and water is released from your car’s exhaust system in the form of water vapor.

What Is Its Impact on the Environment?
Hydrogen is an element that is available in abundance and hence it does not involve any kind of drilling or mining to obtain this element. The dry cell hydrogen hho generators do not emit any kind of toxic carbon emissions into the atmosphere, thereby reducing the effects of global warming. Using these products in your car can actually help you contribute positively to the environment and thus reduce the hazards that are otherwise caused by cars that run on fossil fuels.

Are Dry Cell Hydrogen Hho Generators Recognized?

Almost all the developing countries have recognized that these product scan radically reduce toxic emissions released into the atmosphere if all vehicles are fitted with these systems. Many state governments have taken note of the advantages of these products and are aware that these devices have the ability to change the nature of global economy. Therefore, this new technology is receiving immense support, to the extent that some state governments are even offering tax breaks to car owners who use these devices as an alternative to using fuel to power their cars.

Get the Best of Out your Light and Mighty Upright Vacuum Cleaners

We know that everyone needs a vacuum cleaner; this is definitely a necessary appliances. They are not only picking up all debris, dirt, and crumbs from a carpeted area, there are all kinds of nifty attachments that are able to clean all surfaces.  That includes upholstery, linoleum, and hardwood floors.

These new available upright vacuum cleaners these days are not just lightweight, but they are also boasting strong powers of suction, and great versatility. They do not need to deal with problems presented by that former clunky old models, such as cumbersome and bulky vacuum bags, poor suction capabilities, and difficult to push heavy  machines. This is due to the easy and sleek new vacuum technology of these cleaners that those sorts of issues are just things of the past.

Convenience history

Best Upright Vacuum CleanersThe history of this cleaner is so much more fascinating as compared to what it may seem. The entire process of vacuuming that takes place inside the cleaner involves an air pressure changing caused by a pump that reduces the air pressure inside the tube. The atmospheric pressure around is pushing the air through the carpet into the tube, and sucks all the debris and dirt with it. It is the primary idea behind the technology used in all vacuums, which includes the upright vacuum cleaners. This invention has helped in revolutionizing the potential to clean across the globe.

Upright cleaners for commercial use have gone through all kinds of changes since the year 1868. When vacuum cleaners have been introduced first, they were very expensive, about 1/3 of a car’s price. When the technology has become cheaper to make and as there are more companies entering the market, upright vacuum cleaners became an essential for each middle class home. The cleaner has a bag and a cleaning head, and refuse plastic container today, which can catch all the dirt that is suck from the surface.

Better and more Affordable

Through the past 15 years, this cleaner became essentially better, and much more inexpensive. Through years, they are gone from their past as a noisy and awkward but compelling new technology to being an easy, powerful, quiet, and affordable. We also do not need to rely on the biased opinion of the salesmen knocking your door to make our buying decisions. You can search any of the many upright vacuum cleaners available on the internet to read comparisons by many real customers. Through that, you will be able to get the best out of your light and mighty upright cleaner.

Mercedes smart fortwo Designed For Fun, Functional City Driving

“The smart fortwo has reinvented itself once again and is now more fun than ever before” says the Stuttgart-based automaker of its compact smart car that measures just 2.69 metres in length and is powered by a state-of-the-art 52 kW/71 hp 3-cylinder engine with low fuel consumption of 4.1 litres per 100 km.

A distinctively trendy car that’s fun to drive and offers high manoeuvarability, the smart fortwo boasts a turning circle of 6.95 metres. The lightweight engine and twinamic 6-speed dual clutch automatic transmission are positioned at the rear, aiding in the compact design of the car and its agility, particularly in traffic and when it comes to squeezing into a parking space.

The smart fortwo competes against the likes of the Scion iQ, Toyota Prius C and Fiat 500e. The Scion iQ is a minimalist metropolitan runabout that also has impressive fuel economy and can be parked just about anywhere, the Prius C offers top fuel economy and a nimble and easy-to-park size, while the all-electric version of Fiat’s 500 hatchback is also well suited to city dwellers in its own right.

Mercedes says the smart brand is designed to appeal equally to the heart and mind. Combining familiar design features such as the two-colour concept of the tridion safety cell and bodypanels with new ideas and details, the smart fortwo is made to stand out on the road.

The colour contrast between the tridion cell and bodypanels is a characteristic feature of the smart fortwo and there is plenty of choice when it comes to this, with up to 40 colour combinations available.

The exterior design of the smart fortwo features extremely short overhangs at front and rear and a 100 mm wide track that sees the wheels positioned further outwards. These characteristic proportions provide for impressive visibility and agility and, together with the rear engine, enable a passenger cell accommodating an unrivalled amount of space in such compact dimensions. Other key elements of the exterior are the headlamps and cooling air grille in the front, while the higher bonnet with new sculptural lines lends the car a more grown-up and sportier character.

The smart fortwo’s face is designed to be ‘friendly but self-assured’ and a distinctive feature of this is the signature smart grille, which is now slightly larger.

The ‘easy-going and charming’ interior features materials that are a pleasure to look at and touch, and is surprisingly spacious with an extra 10 cm of width. It’s an interior created to reflect the values of a young, active and networked generation.

Functionality and interior space are key components of the smart fortwo. The sporty front seats are designed as integral seats and the 3-spoke multifunction steering wheel is standard equipment which can be used to control the radio or navigation unit (optional). The infotainment centre appears to hover in front of the dashboard, and the sporty dashboard instrument with clock and rev counter offers practical guidance for fuel-saving driving, timely shifting and over-revving.

The instrument cluster and its semi-circular segmentation for the speed and warning indicators cites previous smart models, but in a new look.

With a cargo volume of up to 350 litres, the luggage compartment of the smart fortwo is spacious, and the split tailgate facilitates loading and unloading. The passenger seat backrest can be folded down to allow items up to 1.55 m in length to be fitted in.

The new smart fortwo boasts an impressive body space index, which describes the ratio of interior to exterior length whereby the interior length is measured from the accelerator pedal in unused position along a horizontal line to the rear end. The smart fortwo has a top rating for this criterion at 75 per cent.

Mercedes’ city car comes with an array of safety and assistance systems, including five airbags as standard, crosswind assist, forward collision warning function, rear-end collision warning function, hill start assist, anti-lock braking system, cruise control with limiter, electronic stability programme, parking aid and reversing camera. The tridion safety encasing the occupants is made of high-tech steels; a high proportion of ultra-high strength hot-formed steels and maximum-strength multiphase steel is now used on the new smarts.

When it comes to multi-media systems, the smart fortwo features the smart Media-System with a 7-inch multi-touch display and interfaces for AUX, USB and SD card, integrated navigation function and Bluetooth® connection, the smart Audio-System and for the first time, the JBL Soundsystem as an option.

The new smart cross connect is among the apps available with the smart fortwo, specially developed for in-vehicle use on the road and for use outside the vehicle as well. Available for mobile phones with iOS and Android, the features include control of the main radio functions in the Audio-System, navigation including POI search, parking space finder, trip monitor and display of key vehicle data including speed and fuel consumption.

Smart fortwo comes to Hong Kong car dealerships in a choice of three equipment lines – passion, prime and proxy. And to tie in with the market launch of the new smart generation on the Hong Kong auto scene, five smart fortwo edition#1 units are for sale. This limited edition features a tridion safety cell in lava orange combined with body panels/body in white.

The smart fortwo passion line is, as Mercedes describes, for those looking for something a little special and a confident, extravagant and modern city car. In the interior there’s a choice of three colour combinations for the fabric seats, dashboard and door centre panel – black/orange with black/grey accent trim parts, black/white interior with white accent trim parts and black/black interior with black/grey accent trim parts.

The smart fortwo prime line is positioned as stylish, timeless and chic with black leather seats that harmonize with the dashboard and door centre panels in black fabric. Grey stitching on the seats and the accent trim parts in black/grey provide subtle contrasts.

Progressive, sporty and trendsetting is the smart fortwo proxy line which offers highlights such as a panoramic roof, Cool & Audio package, Sports package and white/blue seats in leather look and fabric.

Top 7 Disadvantages of Electric Cars

Soaring gas prices and environmental concerns, electric cars are becoming popular as an answer to some of the problems of the auto industry. However, do electric cars have a spotless reputation?

The following are their disadvantages of EVs voiced for some time now.

1. Charging Woes: Electric powered vehicles require charging stations, and for people to travel long distances there needs to be a network of such stations located strategically. Also recharging of batteries often takes about 3 hours, which nowhere matches efficiency of a gas refuel. And of course there’s the charging equipment you need to carry along.

2. Travelling distance (Range): The cars can travel only about a 100 miles on an average, and on a single charge. The technology of Chrysler’s proposed EVs is supposed to have the cars run longer, though.

3. Lack of power: In general electric cars are still behind gas powered vehicles in their ability to to accelerate and climb quickly.

4. Overloaded batteries: At the heart of electric automobiles are the car’s batteries. At the same time, as all other car accessories viz. radios, car air conditioners, etc. use up electric power from batteries, they’d drain quickly. And recharging them takes time!
5. They are expensive: Batteries that power these cars are a costly affair. Consider this: The promising and long-lasting lithium-ion batteries cost about US$10,000 each, which for the most part make these cars expensive. And if the batteries last only about 4 years, they could add to the maintenance costs.

6. The cause pollution: Yes, the ‘clean & green’ electric cars cause pollution too, albeit indirectly. While themselves being clean, there are toxic elements within batteries and which could spew toxic fumes. Further, the car’s engines are powered by electricity, and all of which isn’t generated from renewable energy sources. Which means electric power production per se entails pollution.

7. They’re Heavy: Batteries are what makes these vehicles heavy. A battery pack of an average electric car can weigh up to a 1,000 pounds or 450 kg (approx.) This a disadvantage because weight puts pressure on batteries and they drain out faster.

While the prospect of electric vehicles seems promising, electric vehicles don’t appear to be a pancea and have their own share of shortcomings. Consequently, a purchase decision in favor of EVs or hybrids might not be all that simple.

New Car & Used Cars News Australia, Demand Precede Buying

If you are an avid car user it is natural for you to regularly keep tab on car news in Australia. What with rising traffic woes, traffic management getting more challenging, vehicle owning community is witnessing introduction of new stringent regulations by authorities everywhere. Also, emerging technological development to provide more than adequate car comfort and fight climate change have made cars manufacturers buzz about their new plans and development in the media.

Alert car users are ever on look out in the market for fresh buzz about a new car, introduction of new technology, latest novel designs, fresh accessories, financial soaps to buy a new preferred brand of cars, cheap insurance coverage packages, lemons, call backs and anything that could feed their appetite for knowing more and more about cars and car markets. At times new feat by an adventurist on brand owned becomes news and matter of pride for car owners reassuring them they own the best model in the market.

What with fuel efficiency and hybrid variety making their way in to the market, new models naturally catch attention of these car enthusiasts and those waiting for something desired to happen to own a car. Innovations continue to galore automobiles and their manufacturer since the invention of the combustible engines. Every new car brand and model has given improvised versions to the advantage of car owners.

Similarly, accessory manufacturers from air bags, door locks, screen wipers, audio and video systems, air conditioning, lights, side steps, roof tracks have brought improvisations that could customize cars and bring what the owner most prefer. Sedans, SUVs or limos have all have advantages of customization. Body designs since the introduction of Japanese vehicles have received continued and much focus.

While all this news have been in and out of market but they are no more breaking car news. In Australia, the latest buzz much desired and which could make car enthusiasts sit up and take note of is the healthy fuel efficiency drive by auto makers which is receiving more attention to combat climate and lower maintenance costs to the advantage of environment and health and consumers savings. For example, General Motor has developed a new high-tech direct-injection V8 is set to overtake Generation IV in Commodore in order to develop fuel efficiency. The model is likely to be introduce in the market by 2010-end.

Car news or reviews in Australia is most valuable tool for new car buyers who are looking for used cars or willing to buy new and used cars or a preferred brand, or upgrade their vehicle to the next generation by buying an year or two used car. This class of car buyers look for a wealth of car news and want information on every model and make and every generation with details and valuation if possible to beam from a single point. That makes easy for them to compare and take well-informed decisions to go for a buy. It is a starting point for new market of car buyers.

Windshield Sun Shade – Beat The Heat And Protect Your Vehicle Interior

The sun is shining down and so is it’s scorching heat. We all like sun bathing and but not dealing with the effects of the heat in our cars. The sun’s UV rays can be harsh to your car’s interior and especially during peak summer months, which makes having a windshield sun shade a necessity for any vehicle. Direct sunlight burning through a car windshield results in extreme temperatures inside your vehicle, and can cause of damage to the dash, seat materials and even personally when coming into contact with hot metal or plastic. Windshield sun shades play a significant role in keeping the car interiors cool and protecting the interior material from fading while the vehicle is parked at the beach, work, airport or anywhere else.

Windshield covers help in reducing the temperature of car’s interior, by effectively obstructing the sun and harmful UV rays. A simple single windshield shade combats 99.5% of harmful UV rays and up to 80% of the solar energy, that can keep your car up to 50 degrees cooler than without it. It features a triple laminate structure where the middle foam core is laminated between the two layers of silver reflective surface and a soft felt inner surface on both sides. The sandwiched foam layer acts as an insulator that protects the car interior and the outer silver surface reflects the harmful rays, thus blocking them from raising the temperature inside the car.

These heat shields are lightweight and made in various forms as well as designs. For ease of use, they are either made to unfold or roll over the windshield. These are made to fit every windshield of almost all car and truck makes and models. These car sunshades are often custom printed with the messages or pictures, for a personal touch that looks quite unique and attractive. The idea triggered many marketing teams of auto dealers, insurance companies, and other businesses who now use this heat shade as a customized platform for their advertising.

In addition to cooling down your sizzling dashboard, there are few more advantages associated with its use. Since the car will remain cooler with a shade, there will be less fuel consumption to cool the car, which consequently will save you money. Another important function performed by this windshield cover is that it hides the things left in the car and prevents people from seeing into your vehicle.

A windshield sun shade is easy to use and gives you all the benefits by allowing your car and truck to stay cool and protected in the sun. By protecting the car interior from detrimental UV rays, it helps retain it’s true market value. There are many reasons to own car sun shield with the most important climbing into a cooler comfortable car when the temperatures are climbing.

To learn more about the benefits of a windshield sun shade and the different styles available visit this excellent online resource.

Windshields of the future

The only interface we have with the outside world while driving is windshield. Hence, it is important for car owners to keep the windshield in good condition by keeping a regular check on it. Any kind of damage to the windshield should prompt the owner to go for auto glass repair and replacement. In case of minor damage such as a scratch on the windshield also needs to undergo windshield scratch repair. Change and advancement in technology has become mandatory in every field. To step together with the changing environment, traffic on roads and advancement in cars, change in windshields is inevitable. New and more technologically developed wind screens can only manage with the new cars.

A new type of windshield has been dreamed of, that can provide some high technology solutions to the problem of rain automotive glass. It consists of multi-layered glass screens. First screen simply repels rain water and filters rays of the sun. This type of windshield seems to be very helpful in future, especially in rains.

Digital world is developing platform for cars to enter into it. A fully networked sense just like tablets and smart phones is also being introduced in car wind screens. These digital services are taken from pocket things to high speeding cars.

Apart from this, a new type of windshield is being thought of by experts, which can predict and provide real-time information to the drivers. This type of windshield is only a few years distant from today. These windshields will act as an interactive visual display for each and everything going in, out and around the car.

The windshield will provide information about all the issues from parts of the car to speed and fuel. The researchers are working hard on the technology. It will also combine almost all the visual sensors, online maps and GPS technology which will provide the drivers with visual and live information about the places nearby and weather conditions.

The future windshields can be seen without wipers. This new technology is expected to be widely accepted by the ordinary masses and even the experts. The researchers and developers were appreciated for their idea of removing wipers from the wind screen. It would be of great help to those who are lazy to even control their wipers.

Although India is a developing country, it still adopts the new technology as soon as it is in the market. So, new technology in windshields will be easily available for the people in India. Our country from the old times has been a potential market in all fields. With huge traffic on Indian roads, advancements in windshields are always awaited.

Why Classic Cars are Better Than New Ones

The start of 2008 brought great hilarity for those of us who keep a keen eye on the motoring industry – and especially those among us who sneer at anything less than a supercar. First, the joy of the internet and email meant I received a picture of a garden shed on wheels (yes, an actual shed) – with a clever fake press release heralding the launch of the new Daewood car! Very funny.

Then, in India, Tata Motors launched the world’s cheapest new car…the $2,500 Nano. Wizened industry-watchers heralded the apparent “breathtaking innovations in manufacturing technology in the global automobile industry based on severe cost-cutting”. Others were not so open-minded, with one United States media presenter describing the car as “a golf cart crossed with a jelly bean.”

But both events got me thinking – why on earth would someone buy a horrible new ‘Eurobox car’ when the money could be better spent on a fantastic classic car? This conundrum always baffles my colleagues at Sureterm Direct – the UK’s leading specialist classic car insurance company – so with their help here are my top 7 reasons to buy a classic car instead of a faceless, cheap, under-powered, Euro-shed.

1. Better insurance deals. Take it from us, as the country’s leading specialist classic car insurer, the costs of insuring a classic MGB if you opt for special features like limited mileage options can be considerably less than cover for a new hot hatch. And we’re not just talking about saving a £10 or so – the difference can run to hundreds of pounds. Classic car insurance quotes can be very competitive.

2. Zero road tax. Yep, that’s right. In the UK classic cars built before 1973 qualify for zero-rated road tax. You have to display a tax disk, but it doesn’t actually cost anything. So there’s £160 banked straight away.

3. It makes financial sense. The moment you drive your run-of-the-mill chunk of far Eastern plastic and metal car off the forecourt you lose 30% of its value straight away in depreciation. You no longer own a new car – you own a second-hand one! But if you invested in a cracking little classic car in good condition – and kept it smart – the chances are it should at least hold its value (and in some cases it might even increase in price).

4. Cheaper repair bills. Let’s say you’re in the middle of a country estate enjoying a picnic in your classic Morris Minor when you carelessly but gently bump into a great oak. You can find a new rear lamp for around 20 quid. However, do the same in your new Kia and the replacement rear light is likely to be at least two times that.

5. You’re more environmentally-friendly. People think old cars use more petrol per mile than new ones – and in some cases they’re right. But it is a well-documented fact that around a third of the energy consumed by a car in its entire life is used to make it in the first place. So buying and using a classic car is recycling par-excellence. Spare parts for older cars are readily-accessible, so keeping your classic running is again very environmentally sound – while many components used in the build of new cars are sealed in and only fit for the bin once they’re no longer of use.

6. You look good. Swing down the street in a gleaming classic MGB and you’ll turn heads. And it feels great to drive around in something that is instantly-recognisable and draws knowing waves, nods and winks from other motorists. Of course, your Far Eastern tin machine might draw hand signals too – but a single finger doesn’t constitute a wave I’m afraid.

7. Social networking. Want to meet nice new friends in great surroundings? Then join a classic car club. For example, there are events for VW Beetle owners almost every weekend. It’s fun – and it’s hard to imagine the same feeling from a field full of Daihatsu Sirion owners.

The New Generation of Electric Car Batteries

Electric cars run on batteries anywhere from 12 to 24 of them underneath the hood. When it comes time for new batteries, they are actually readily available. The batteries used to run an electric car are similar to those used to power cell phones and even those little vehicles that kids like to drive around the yard. Getting new batteries for your electric car should not be a problem when the time comes.

The reality is that electric car batteries last for quite a long time, so getting new ones will not have to happen for quite a long time. When you do have to get new batteries for your electric car, you can expect to pay around $2,000 to $5,000 for them depending on the make and model of your electric car.

Some batteries have memories in them and if you do not run them out before charging them, they lose some of their potency. Be completely aware of how much electricity you have left before you go to plug in for a recharge. You may find yourself having to buy new batteries for your electric car before you really want to.

The electric car industry is always coming up with new battery technology that can help power your vehicle longer and charge faster. It is only a matter of time before that technology will allow you to drive your car further before a charge. That is good news for people who are electric car enthusiasts. Right now, the general range is around one hundred miles per charge. It is entirely possible that by the year 2010, you will be able to drive an electric car over 200 miles on new batteries.
When the time does come to get new batteries for your electric car, you can rest assured that you will be able to recycle almost the entire battery. Electric car batteries are 95 percent recyclable. You have an electric car, most likely, because you want to do something good for the environment and give yourself some relief from the ridiculous price of gasoline. Well, being able to recycle an electric car battery before you buy new ones, you can have peace of mind and a new source of power.

Choose the best type of battery for your need when you are buying new batteries for your electric car. Get the best battery you can find for the money and rest assured that you are doing your part both for the environment as well as for yourself.

The Use of LPG

LPG, otherwise also known as Liquefied Petroleum Gas, is used as fuel, especially for vehicles such as cars and motorcycles. It is actually a mixture of hydrocarbon gases. LPG is also used as an aerosol propellant and refrigerant to avoid damage to the ozone layer (previously caused by other chemicals). There are varieties of LPG – such as propane gas and butane gas – and each of them has its own properties and usage. The main source of LPG is usually from fossil fuel, found underground. In order to obtain LPG, there are factories for refining crude oil and streams of gas and fuel from the ground. The production of LPG involves refining petroleum or crude oil, and was introduced in 1912.

There are many uses for LPG, especially propane gas and butane gas. First, LPG is used to fuel vehicles. The reason people are using LPG as fuel for their vehicles is because it burns cleaner than petrol and diesel. However, the only down side is it may damage the valve and shorten its life (although this is hotly disputed). Still, it is an excellent choice of fuel for vehicles. There are many gas stations providing LPG as one of the fuels on offer. If you need a ‘clean’ fuel, LPG would be the best choice compared to other types of fuel.

Another use is as a refrigerant. Propane gas and butane gas are used to make hydrocarbon refrigerants. Hydrocarbons are known to be more energy efficient and cheaper than other chemicals, which is why it is suitable to be used as refrigerants. CFCs have a very bad impact on the ozone, as it damages the ozone layer thus increasing the green house effect and global warming (again, this too is hotly disputed).
Another popular use is as a cooking fuel. LPG is very popular, especially among countries like India and other Asian countries. LPG is used as a cooking fuel for households and even businesses such as restaurants. As for propane, it is more popularly being used as fuel for barbeques and portable stoves. This is because propane has a low boiling point, so it will vaporize once it is released from the container. Butane, on the other hand, is famously bottled as fuel for lighters and deodorants. When propane and butane combine together, they become LPG.

Believe it or not, LPG and renewable energy can work side by side – especially in colder seasons such as winter, when there is lack of sunlight for a solar panel to generate enough power for heating. At these times, LPG can be used as a back-up or secondary fuel in generating the energy for the household. For example, in order to heat water in winter, LPG is used alongside a solar panel to provide enough energy for this purpose.

Overall, LPG is a good choice of fuel, especially for vehicles such as cars if you want to save on fuel and have a cleaner burning fuel when compared to petrol and diesel). However, if your vehicles are not suitable for LPG fuel, you will need to modify your vehicles at an authorised dealer.

Electric cars in India

In the present age of depleting petroleum resources, car manufacturers have realized the importance of using alternate fuels to power cars. Lots of R&D is being done in this direction to come up with a technology so advanced which is both efficient and economical. One of the many solutions that are most likely to influence the future in a big way is the concept of electric cars. A number of automobile companies have developed their variants of electric cars. The concept of electric cars boasts off the idea of eco-friendly beauties across the world.

In India, he pioneer of popular electric cars has been the Reva Electric Car Company, which is a joint venture betweReprint in full with writer’s name, contact information and brief bio.en the Maini Group India and AEV California. The company began functioning in 1994 from Bangalore and soon launched the two-seater electric car we all know as Reva i. With specifications including top sped of 80 kmph, seating capacity of 2 adults and 2 kids, mileage of 80 km (Standard Model), 60km (Higher Models), Reva is available in three variants namely REVAi Standard, REVAi AC and REVAi Classe. This electric car can make it to your garage in Rs. 3.31 lakhs to 5.19 lakhs.

Besides this, other companies like Tata, Mahindra, Hero motors, Mitsubishi, Renault etc have also announced their endeavor to enter this new segment of cars. Tat Indica Vista and Tata Nano are all set to be launched in electric variants very soon. The E-Nano will come in association with Norwegian electric car specialist Miljoebil Grenland and is expected to be launched in 2010. Likewise, Japanese auto giant Mitsubishi is also working on its electric car project with plans using lithium-ion batteries for power. The Mitsubshi e-car would have a motor placed at the back of the car. Indian motorcycle manufacturer Hero motors is also planning its electric car by replacing the use of conventional batteries with capacitors for instant charging. The car is expected to be launched by 2013. Watch out for the upcoming era of electric cars in India.

Ford Puma will soon return

Ford Reflex was one of the most beautiful and high-quality cars which are successors to Puma. According to its designer the car has enough stunning appearance with a slightly hunched back and huge fenders. The designer also said that the idea of the car is give a sure impression that it is more valuable than the other cars in the competition. The car has a number of innovations-from the solar panels in the headlights, the seat belts to the netting seat upholstery that does not stew the important seat of the driver and reduces the internal volume of the seat. The driver of this Ford model is able to monitor by a special camera even the smallest passenger in the car in the seat that is turned back to the traffic, without turning his/her head. The center console separates the deeply sunk seats. Under the hood is mounted quite futuristic hybrid engine-a combination of 1.4-liter turbo diesel that drives the front wheels and a small electric motor, giving power to the rear wheels. The latter is powered by lithium-ion battery that is charged during braking of the car. But this will probably not be left in the car because of its high cost and the space that the heavy battery occupies.

But here comes the best news which will probably make the fans of the sport models of Ford be pleased by it. Ford Puma will quite soon return on the market. The main aim of Ford is bring a car on the market that will be able to compete with the new models of Honda-CR-Z hybrid and Hyundai-Veloster.

The design of the new Puma is created and based on that of Fiesta, while the interior is completely new. The engines will be the theme of Fiesta. Among them we will be able to see petrol engines with a volume of 1.4 and 1.6 liters and power of respectively 95 and 118 hp, and the diesel TDCI also with a volume of 1.4 and 1.6 liters. It is also quite possible for the new Ford Puma to have a version with the new two-liter EcoBoost engine with power of 230 hp.

The new Ford Puma, however, will probably not occur earlier than 2012. Before its occurrence we will be able to see the premieres of the second generation of Ford C-MAX , the third generation of Focus, the new Kuga and Mondeo Coupe.

Nike Releases New Technology Torch

The world is changing from time to time, to catch up with the fashion of the world, even if big companies like Nike should set their products according to the trend. Moreover, innovation is one of the most excellent features of Nike. All in a Nike sportswear pays its very attention on how to improve the wearing experience for athletes after race. Thus, Nike Shoesdesign team draws on the experience of professional football boot, and mix the concept of lessen weight and reduced volume together, launched a new and creative technology- Torch. Torch It is a lightweight three-tiered textile which can control the humidity as well as provide comfort. The surface layer is of protective diamond-shaped structure which prevents the textile deformed. Unlike the traditional textile, it will not wrinkle when pressed. The middle layer is made of light material, fully meets the after race needs, such as relax after match or a stroll through the city all day long. As for the inner layer, the material is permeability. What`s more, its control of humidity keeps your feet dry and comfortable. All in all, torch takes after match relaxation needs into consideration and provides you the best feeling. Now, torch is widely used in many classical 2010 spring and summer Nike sportswear products. For example, Air Max BW Gen II、Air Force1 and air maxim 1 not only applied torch technology, but also conducted a number of technical improvements. We have no idea what is the next step of Nike, will it launch another technology? What we do know is that Nike is working hard to improve their products to meet our very demands to make us live better.

Double DIN Dash Kit For PT Cruiser 2005 Onwards

In this article I would like to discuss the features, structure and safety aspects of new model (2005) of Chrysler PT Cruiser and also about the radio dash kit in it. This car was one of the most successful cars in the history of Chrysler. It falls in the range of compact segment. Bryan Nesbitt was the person who proposed the design for this car. It is to be noted that he was the person who designed the Chevrolet also. It came to wheels as automobile initially in the year 1999 and later in 2005 as coupe. The engines are available as both EDT and EDV turbocharged (both 2.4 liters). It follows FF layout and PT platform of Chrysler and hence bears the name. Transmissions are both automatic (4 speed) and manual (5 speed). It has a wheel base of 2.6 meter and is 1.6 meter high. Its width and length are 1.79 meters and 4.29 meters respectively.

Manufacturing of Chrysler PT Cruiser takes place in Mexico at Toluca assembly. The standard model of engine comprises of 4 cylinders for gasoline in America. In Asia and Europe diesel propelled engines of 4 cylinders are also available. Because of many advanced features compared to its predecessors when this model was launched, demand remained higher than the production. It featured among the best cars in year 2001 and also won the best car of North America award in the same year. It scored full 16 points including optional air bags in impact test for safety and received 3 stars as rating for year 2002 by NCAP Euro. But it fared badly in stability control test (electronic) which happens very rarely in small segment cars. For test of frontal crashes it received the highest rating while for side crashes it earned bad rating. It also fared poorly in evaluations both at the rear and side.

The updated model of Chrysler PT Cruiser of 2005 had taillights that were redesigned and new model of headlights. Like in other cars air bags and anti-lock type brakes were made optional. To increase the rigidity and offer better protection “sport bar” was included. One more important function of this sport bar was that it helped in better circulation of air particularly to passengers occupying rear seats. The engine was 250 hp engines. From 2005 model onward this was priced around 20000 US dollars.

The car body was available in many colors like pearl white, sunset crystal , pacific blue, solar yellow etc. the door handles and molding were made up of an alloy of chromium. There were provisions for even MP3 player in its audio system. Satellite radio (Sirius) was also made optional. The radio dash kit consists of harness adaptors, neon panel for fascia and aerial adaptors. This kit can be used for fitting the stereo after purchase of cars. offers this radio dash kit at competitive prices by purchasing online and these prices can also be compared, the dash kit is fitting for double DIN head units. The spare parts are widely available everywhere which makes it even more popular.

The Unknown Facts About Electric Cars

Believe it or not, electric cars have been around for a very long time. In the early 1900s, there were more electric cars than there were gasoline powered cars. Back in the early 1920s when vehicles were becoming more popular, gasoline was very expensive. It also was hard to start a gasoline engine, you had to turn and turn and turn a crank in front of the car to get it to start. There was no key to start the car like we have today.

Gasoline vehicles were also noisy and put out lots of smoke. The cars either had no mufflers, or the mufflers did not do a good job. So, electric vehicles were a big hit. At one time there were 50,000 of them on the roads and streets of the United States.

But electric cars soon faded away like the horse drawn carriage. New ways to make gasoline cheaply were being discovered. A new invention called an electric starter was made. It started an electric car with a key instead of a crank. A gasoline car could go much farther than an electric one. So, gasoline powered vehicles soon became the main method of transporting people.

Now that there is a push for cleaner green cars, electricity is once again being looked to as a way to help reduce greenhouse gases released into the air by gasoline and electric cars could be one of the answers to this problem.

Electric cars do not burn gasoline in an engine. They use electricity stored on the car in batteries. Sometimes, 12 or 24 batteries, or more, are needed to power the car. Just like a remote controlled, model electric car, electric cars have an electric motor that turns the wheels and a battery to run that motor.

To charge an electric cars batteries, the car is usually plugged in at night. Some electric cars can plug right into a regular electrical wall outlet. Others need a larger outlet, like the kind that a stove or electric clothes dryer plug into. Electricity, is then stored in the batteries of the car.

The batteries can be lead acid batteries, like the batteries you find in our flashlight or in regular gasoline cars. Or they can be ni cad nickel cadmium like the kind that run portable video recorders or a portable video game player only much larger. Better batteries that hold more energy and last longer are being developed. In 2001, by the time todays fifth graders are ready to drive, electric cars should be able to travel 150 to 200 miles before recharging.
Car manufacturers and scientists are constantly coming up with new ways to fuel our vehicles in a cleaner, more environmentally friendly way. The production of the electric car is an exciting one that is being embraced by more and more people every year.

Automotive Converting Your Car Into A Water–Hydrogen Hybrid: A Worthwhile Car Improvement Project


Millions of Americans spend a lot of their free time doing home improvement. And why not? Having a beautiful home can bring joy and comfort to a family. The rise of home improvement stores and television shows demonstrates just how popular this pastime is. And since a house is a huge investment, it is important to make it a beautiful space. But a house isn’t the only major investment that most Americans make. Many also spend a great deal of money on their cars. And with commutes and traffic jams and errands and soccer games, many people spend quite a lot of time in their cars as well. That’s why it is just as good of an idea to make car improvements as it is to make home improvements. The best car improvement that anyone can consider making is installing an HHO kit. HHO kits are based on an amazing new technology that allows any car to become a water HHO hybrid. That means that a car with an HHO kit installed will convert water to HHO and use it as gas. That’s quite an improvement. Here’s how it works. The HHO kit works as a converter. Once water – from any tap or hose – is placed into the HHO kit, it is converted into hydrogen. That hydrogen is then sent into the engine where it mixes with the traditional gasoline. The hydrogen allows the car to use significantly less gas than it does currently. Your car probably only uses about 20% of the gasoline that you put in it to run the engine. With an HHO kit, your car can use up to %50 just to run the engine. That means car owners with HHO kits save huge amounts of money on gas every time they go to the pump. Despite the amazing improvements that installing an HHO kit can make, they are actually quite easy to install. If you already enjoy making home improvements, then you will probably enjoy making this simple installation. It could replace your usual weekend project and then you can instantly start saving on gas. HHO kits do not require any technical skills or special equipment so almost anyone can install them. Installing an HHO kit could also make a great time for father-son bonding or a way to impress your loved ones. If you’ve always loved being handy, then you’ll no doubt enjoy the unique experience of installing an HHO kit on your car. And not to worry, HHO kits are just as easily removed from a car as they are installed. This means they can be installed without any major alterations to an engine and should not interfere with any existing warranties or lease arrangements. They are a no risk way to get better gas mileage, save money, and be friendly to the environment. HHO kits are a great choice for anyone looking for a fun, worthwhile project to spend an afternoon or weekend on. They are easily available online and are surprisingly affordable. Many websites sell manuals that will show you how to convert your car a car in no time. For example, easy and highly-affordable HHO manuals can be purchased easily from gas4free, Simplewaterfuel or water4gas. Why spend another week gardening or painting a wall when you could be saving lots of money on gas in the same amount of time. This is the weekend project that offers real improvement – both for your life and for your wallet.

Study New Modern Technology is Driving the Wave of Film Animation

Film animation innovation has make some amazing progress following the beginning of hand-drawn kid’s shows. The systems utilized by artists to breath life into characters have enhanced significantly throughout the years, and not at all like conventional activity, which made its introduction in 1906 and made the hallucination of development through edge by-edge control of drawings and outlines, most artists today utilize PCs to produce three-dimensional pictures.

Animation Institution in Kerala

Pixar, together with Disney, was the first organization to make a full length PC created activity, with Toy Story in 1995. DreamWorks followed in 2001 with Shrek, which earned $484.4 million at the overall film industry, and hardened PC movement as a standout amongst the most advanced and emotive study types of animation

While PCs have helped illustrators in their endeavors for a considerable length of time, the coming of PC liveliness was a defining moment as far as the kind of innovation activity studios expected to utilize. Until then, the greater part of their liveliness could be completed on workstations (effective desktop PCs), however PC produced (CG) pictures make such a lot of information that activity organizations now need to manufacture their own server farms keeping in mind the end goal to handle it all.

These server farms contain many intense servers, which give boundless measures of preparing force, empowering CG movement studios – of all shapes and sizes – to work with extensive, complex datasets and unpredictable 3D models. HP is one of the fundamental suppliers of server farm foundation, close by Dell and Cisco, and united some of its movement studio clients at the Cannes Film Festival to examine the significance of innovation to their organization

Instructions to Train Your Dragon 2

With a specific end goal to bolster this, DreamWorks has 20,000 processing centers in HP servers over three server farms far and wide. Swanborg said that HP’s most recent ‘Gen 8’ servers are 40 for every penny speedier than the past era, which signifies “40 for each penny more pixels, 40 for each penny sooner”. The organization additionally has limit in a fourth “cloud” server farm, which is possessed and controlled by HP.

“We are no more living in a period in which you need to have all the process assets you require under your own particular rooftop,” said Swanborg.

“We’re an inventive undertaking and inventiveness is not straight – you have minutes when things are working in the meantime, and afterward you have minutes when you’re reexamining and re-arranging. On the off chance that we needed to construct to the top, we would need to about twofold our figure foundation to oblige those minutes, yet we don’t need to do that, in light of the fact that we have HP Cloud, so when we have those snippets of motivation, we are not compelled by innovation.”

HP said that innovation not just has an imperative part in putting away and preparing information, however in examining it. David Chalmers, boss innovation officer at HP’s European Enterprise Group, said that film studios can profit by utilizing apparatuses like HP Autonomy to direct assessment investigation, to pick up understanding into how viewers are reacting to their movies.

“It used to be you’d go to a screening and after that fill in a little card. The film studios would take those little cards and attempt and work out whether they thought it would be a hit or not,” said Chalmers.

“Presently we can utilize the Autonomy innovation to construct an examination device to take a gander at online networking yield. What we’ve demonstrated as of now is that in right on time eras of that style of examination, we are at any rate as great at anticipating as the way they used to do it before

How a New Technology Black Walnut Cracker helps to Crack a Walnut?

Black Walnuts have been consumed since prehistoric times, and since then people have tried various methods of cracking them and extracting the kernels. It is hard to find good quality black walnuts and is harder to crack them without mincing the fine pieces which would reduce the cost of the extracts. When people buy de-shelled black walnuts they want large properly shaped pieces that can add to the taste and presentation of their delicious pies and brownies and other dishes.

Most of the devices whack upon the shell to crack open the nut. In the process, the force is only sometimes able to give the proper kernel but otherwise the nut is either not cracked or it is smashed too hard that the entire kernel breaks into smaller pieces that go flying to different places. And if you are able to get the entire kernel you are lucky. These processes results in the loss of output and money in industries especially the small ones that do not have big margins in the profit.

But now there is a new amazing black walnut technology that is specially designed to open the Black Walnuts without the need to use crushing force. This new technology has been result of years of experiment and research. Now you have a device that can keep away all these vows of the conventional nut cracking methods. This amazing, innovative and simple Walnut Saw TM will not just cut the nut at the right place but will save your time and money. There is little waste with the Walnut Saw™, which helps you get large kernels at a faster pace and these large kernels will be a treat to your eyes. The nutmeat comes out beautifully usually in two pieces with no pieces flying here and there.

This clever device will cut the shell with simple rotational motion and then you can open the walnut to have the kernel in fancy size.  With Walnut Saw™, you will be able to cut the chore to a minimum.

Just load the nut in the device, make a cut then rotate to make another cut, take out the nut and open and you get the kernel. The device can help open a nut in less than a minute. The size of the saw is so compact that you easily place it on table. This product is unique and must have for small units engaged in nut cracking business.

Convert Your Car to a Hybrid for $100

Okay, it’s official. Even the cheapest gas is over four bucks a gallon. And the morning news said it would likely be five dollars per gallon by July 4th!

The obvious solution, if you can afford it, might be to buy a hybrid. But that can be an expensive answer, even after factoring in savings at the pump. Unfortunately most hybrids cost anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000 more than their “gas only” counterparts and finding a good used hybrid is near impossible.

In this article, we’ll look at two options to get you huge fuel savings; 1.) finding the best deals on a hybrid and 2.) converting your current car, truck or minivan into a hybrid. First for the best deals…

To find the best deal you need to factor in all the angles. Let’s start with some added benefits of driving a hybrid. Some states, like California and Virginia, allow a single occupant to use the high occupancy vehicle lane (or carpool lane) if driving a qualified hybrid. If you’ve ever been stuck on an LA freeway or the Capital Beltway during rush hour you might fork over the extra few grand for that little benefit alone.

If you’re looking for more monetary incentive, ask the dealer about Federal and state tax benefits for buying a hybrid. You might qualify for up to $5,000 in tax credit depending on the vehicle you buy and where you live.

As for cost, it depends on what you want. Most dealers can barely keep a hybrid on the lot so they are not likely to make great incentive offers. If you need a car big enough for the whole crew try to avoid the temptation of hybrid SUVs since the typical fuel savings is far less than that of a four or five seater car. If you only need a two seater, consider the “Smart Car” . They have features you expect on a $40,000 luxury import, like 5 speed automated manual transmission with Paddle shifters, but with a price tag of $11K for a simple “pure” model to $16K for the luxury sport Cabriolet convertible. And of course you’re getting about 40 to 45 mpg with whatever model you choose.
Now for the second option; convert your current vehicle to a water fuel (hydrogen) hybrid. Don’t worry, it sounds a lot harder than it is. I converted my 1995 Isuzu Pickup for $106 in just a few hours (including the time it took to go buy the parts.)

I’m not talking about adding batteries and changing the way the engine works. You can build or buy a simple hydrogen conversion kit for about $100 and install it in less than a half hour. It only takes 5 minutes to remove if you ever want to and does not alter your engine.

There are two quick and easy ways to convert your car to a hydrogen hybrid. You can go with a system that uses ordinary tap water (from any household faucet) or one that uses distilled water. Both work great and cost about the same to build and install or you can buy one ready built.

First is the one I’ve used, that works with plain tap water. “” offers a complete easy to understand DIY hydrogen hybrid manual for $49, The parts to build it cost about $50 to $60 and you can get the parts from your local Wal-Mart or hardware store.

They guarantee a minimum 40% increase in your gas mileage. I got more than double that on my 13 year old pickup truck (about 90%) so 40% is a bit low in my experience. You’ll probably do much better.

Or you can try “Water for Gas”, which uses distilled water in its fuel cell. The manual is $97 and is available from The site also offers info on how to buy a readymade conversion unit and tips on getting a mechanic to install it for you.

Doing it yourself you will probably recoup all expenses in a month or less, depending on how much you drive. If you buy a readymade unit and pay a mechanic to install it, it might take a few months to pay for itself.

I hope you have a chance to experience just how great it feels. Good luck!

Electric Cars and The Unexpected Speeds

When it comes to one of the newest developments in the vehicle industry electric cars the facts about them are plentiful and easy to come by. This new alternative to regular gasoline powered cars has many people very excited about being able to have reliable transportation without damaging the environment. So what are the facts about electric cars?

First, there are many types of electric cars you can choose from, but all of them use an electric motor that runs on batteries that you recharge. The more batteries you have, the longer you can drive your car. Electric cars come in all different sizes and performances. They are aerodynamically more efficient than gasoline powered cars because electricity stored chemically is lighter than electricity stored electrically.

Another very advantageous fact about electric cars is that they emit virtually no greenhouse gases into the air and thus run much, much cleaner than many other vehicles. Greenhouse gases contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer that has led to global warming. Electric cars that run on batteries alone produce no pollution at all and thus are very environmentally friendly.

How far can you drive on an electric cars charge? The amazing fact is that electric cars can usually travel for about a hundred miles before needing a charge. The batteries generally need charged overnight and there is a gauge that can tell you how much power you have left. They are perfectly fine for city driving and those who do not have to go long distances on a regular basis.
This next fact about electric cars may amaze you. I know it did me. Some people believe that an electric car can not go very fast. But the fact is that electric cars have been clocked at over one hundred miles per hour and can go from zero to that in less than nine seconds. This is because electric motors have a very high torque which allows them to accelerate quickly and travel faster.

There are many more facts to be found out about electric cars such as their price, their range, their availability, and their benefits. Finding out these facts is easy. If you are thinking about buying an electric car, do your research and find one that fits your lifestyle. Most car companies produce at least a hybrid type of electric car that runs on both gasoline and electricity, but you can also find total electric cars if you know where to look. Just get the facts and then get on the electric car bandwagon. You may just find out you like it there.